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Updated on July 27, 2016

It was all happiness around the City...
No one realised that Farmer is so much Pity..!
They reject the people on the basis of class..
They never realised A farmer is dying for One Milk Glass..!
Money Money Money is all they Cry for..
They never realised that Food is all a poor is dying for..!
They Spent Thousands to Buy Happiness..
They never realised that a Poor is dying cause of sadness..!
Farmer is the one who give us food..
What benefits our education when for them we can't be good..!
What will you do with all money you have..
When you think about a smile you gave..!
They waste the Healthy food they have..
They don't realise Farmers are becoming Slave..!
Help Help Help A farmer with tears in his eyes criess..
They ignore and move to eat their French Fries..!
They never thought of crying cause of starvation..
This is the only reason they will never realise farmer's Retardation..
They don't want to help the one who is needy..
They don't realise that they are becoming greedy..!
They own Late Night Parties and Luxurious Cars..
They don't realise that the feet of a farmer is full of Scars..!
Wealth is all they care About..
I hope one day they realise what is life all about..!
I hope one day God give us all some Wisdom..
And Farmer does get the benefit of country's freedom..!
What is there in luxurious life..
When we can't help someone to make their Home full of Light..!
In the competition of life, They all are running in the rat race ...
And They don't even imagine a farmer's Needy Face..!
They all are living in the world full of shady people..
They don't even realise there exist needy people..!
In the race of life.. they forgot their moral values..
I hope one day God make them realize Money has no Value..!
Two meals a day is all what a Poor Wants..
I hope one day we all think about them and complete their necessary want..!
In the Journey of Life we forgot about our Inner Soul..
Who cries aloud when we are in foul..!
I hope One Day God Removes all the Shady people
And make the world full of Happy People !


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    • profile image

      Akshay 21 months ago

      Really I m shoking.

      How to struggle in fatmers life.

    • profile image

      Seema vyas 21 months ago

      Woww words!

    • profile image

      Yash purohit 21 months ago

      Sad reality!!