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Indian Farmers need FDI ?

Updated on October 12, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Who Knows a Farmer.

My Village has only farmers except for 5 family's forced to live in a layout that is made by a land shark who purchased the land on which we have built our homes after paying the farmers a sum that they had not seen.

These farmers still have land and they grow all types of pulses and many types of vegetables.Having seen the way they grow and sell their fruits of very hard labor and the money they get it surprises me how they keep going in-spite of very low margin and no guarantee of even a margin but failure They will be waiting till the last journey they take to the whole sale market or a market that is ruled by thugs and mafia with the support of politicians to get the money that needs to be paid after deducting the advance amount that they would have taken and to get the balance of money due to them by the thug called as guttigedar or simply by a name as broker..

No one comes to help a farmer except a thug or a mafia man who is very friendly with the farmer so long as the farmer behaves as the thug says.I have seen the face of a farmer when his crop is good or is lost due to nature.His face is one hard look that you can see all the time keeping it look like a rock.The Govt of Maharashtra has spent Rs.72,000 Crore on land irrigation in Maharashtra and only 0.1% canal is added to the existing net work of canals a huge scam is debated on TV channel and this public money is spent only in one state what is happening in other states only god knows.

The State of Vidarbha in Maharashtra is known as 'Farmers Suicide State' and here is a irrigation scam shown openly on TV exposed by a Social Activist on TV which is shocking to the whole country except politicians.There is not a single paisa as subsidy to any farmers but there are hundred kinds of various subsidy to corporate body's who donate funds to major party's in power at the central govt as well as states.

River water is allowed to go to sea and Dam's are made on pure paper.A whistle blower of Maharashtra has openly told on TV that in all the irrigation projects of Maharashtra the names of 3 contractors dominate.How is that don't we have any contractors in India.Fraud and corruption by Govt Officers and Ministers is proved how can anyone do any thing if the fence is eating the farm.Fraud,corruption and govt's mismanagement goes to court and the people who are accountable go home with big pension.There are 62 Dams in Maharashtra how many dams are built in each term of the party that ruled each state.Media shows scams not statistics.Our media is also a big head ach.We have to mute every now and than not to hear any gang rape and stupid songs of advertisements.

Our Politicians tour and stay in foreign countries.Do they go and see any Farmer and bring the farmer to our country and show him how to make our poor farmers happy.Many of the politicians do have their own farm lands and grow many types of crops not to feed the country but to show their gain in unaccounted money as the money they got by farming so that they need not pay any taxes.

I had been to a Farm in New Jersey as a birth day party was arranged for a baby's first year after birth.The party was in a Farm away from the city about 35 Miles.Here a Farmer had made his Farm Land in to a Party Hall in an appointed place which had toy train and hay ride in the farm's huge area of 500 acres, they has kept animals to see how they are to children in city's where you cannot see a Chiken or a Goat.There were 4 or 5 big tents where dining arrangement could be made by taking our own food or the Food Stores that stocked cooked food and bakery items.People could get in to the fields and pluck any type of fruit grown in the farm and bring it to a shop set up where it is weiged and money for the items taken by cash or credit card.There was no entry fee but the Party Tents had to be booked and it was charged.The Farm was located amidst beautiful picturesque and perfect place where one could realy enjoy and rejoyce till 3:00 p.m when all persons had to go so that the farmer could clean up the place for the next day.I do not know if we here in India could do it.



Dams constructed and located in India State Wise.

1 - Karnataka - 44.

2 - Kerala - 27.

3 - Andhra - 37.

4 - Tamil Nadu - 67 ( includes Reservoirs )

5 - Uttar Pradesh - 19.

6 - Madya Pradesh - 15.

7 - Gujarat - 14.

8 - Himachal Pradesh and Punjab - 7.

9 - West Bengal - 4.

Who and in which state that has built maximum dams during their term of office.From the figures given above which may be more perhaps but if the 66 years of various govts that rules India if we further do some research we will see who built how many Dams.We have 2 major political parties who ruled for maximum periods neither can come to what we need for our River and Rain water management being done on a scientific basis.

I travel a stretch of just 7 kilometers from town to my home which is in a village.I see 50% of the land being not cultivated for want of sufficient water from a dam that feeds more water to all the industries than farmers.Few rich farmers have their own water from ground but not all can afford the luxury of a bore well as they do not have money to dig bore well.

Present Farmer in Villages..

I saw a farmer in USA having his own Chopper to fly around his Farm.In India a Farmer has to only walk and returns home after 12 hours of work which is supervising the quality of work done by the female labour and child labour that he pays just $25 per head with free poor quality food.Only Ministers,Big Corporates and big Swamiji's have Choppers.Why is our farmer so poor.Farmers are like our fathers who feed us by their hard work.The middle man who buy the farmers crops makes 50% profit.No farmer can sell his crop grown in Tamil Nadu to Kolkata or export it.This is how it works in India as these middle man have powerful politicians backing them to keep their lion's share of the farmers crop and share the profit with corrupt politicians.If the crop fails due ti pests or rain he has another hard way to grow which is another story needing a separate hub on this aspect.

The concept of farmer to retailer does not exist in India.The farmer's income is exempt from income tax by the Govt as a gift since they fall under below the taxable income and even if it exceeds from taxable income in such instances where the farmer is a politician or a very rich man by his own law in his village he being the political boss of the village.

Dams be Dammed.

If a project to make a Dam is made it will be in public domain only after all the ruling party politicians know about it.Disgruntled politicians immediately inform the opponents politicians and they rush to the spot where the Dam would come up scout the area calculate the area that would come under water and calculate the villages that would get submerged under the dam's and the politicians would run to the villages and ask them that they would help them to get alternate lands and compensation as well but they must do what they say'.The villagers will welcome such a person and then there will be a big gotala,strike and protests and when half the Dam is constructed chaos and confusion will start.RTI activists will get every documents that will be possible to get and TV channels will grab those information and nation will debate the issue like what is going on now in Maharashtra.( A Minister for Irrigation has resigned in Mumbai )Maharashtra has built more Dams than any other state from under 70 just 10 years back to over 1000 till 2010.However land under irrigation is less than 50% of cultivated lands.Other states have taken the position let Dams be Dammed. .


What is FDI ?

Foreign Direct Investment yes that's what it says.My driver who is a farmer asked me what does that mean.I told him that if FDI is allowed by Govt of the state a giant shop selling all the goods in our retail shop would come from America and set up there huge giant shop and come to his village to purchase his crop and he need not go to the market using his mini lorry and these huge giant shop people would do that job as also its packing.He told me if that is done it would be fine but will they pay me any advance money and if his crop will be paid in advance.I did not tell him that part but said I do not know.My driver said sir,what is very important to me very much you say you don't know but tell me what else you know.I said they would set up a cold storage unit in his village.He asked me what does it mean.When I told him all I knew about Cold Storage Unit he asked me if he could use it.I told him I dont know.He kept quite for sometime and I asked him why he is keeping quite.He asked if I were a farmer whether I would like it..I told him I will not like it. My driver muttered in his local language that corruption is too much in our country this govt won't allow even farmers to live free and do what they want.Why this govt wants Americans to come and buy our crop and make profit which they may take it to America.Am I right sir,he said.You may be right but they need profit to open more shops I said.He immediately said that means more huge giant shops more Indians work for Americans.I asked him what is the problem.He said why cant we do what Americans can do.I told him we don't have do what he wants.He told me that I should not say Govt has no money as he reads in paper everything and he knows that the govt money is not spent by people but govt and how can money go anywhere.Farmers are now more knowledgeable due to TV news which says everything from ordinary rape to gang rape and frauds and scams to coalgate and god knows what other gates will be opened.My village has huge dumps of plastic waste on govt lands.Why not we have a special local police who will walk a limited circle and point out to regulor police who dumps these plastic dumps.No action is taken even though the waste is dumped right in front of their police station.No police will see that as they are out hunting for people who rape and politicians who escape from being taken to Jail.

We are World's best Dam builders.( On Paper )

Our Farmer.


How many Dams have we built like this since 60 years.

MG never saw this machine some body dressed like him is sitting.

The Yarn Spinning hand operated machine designed by some engineer is a good example as to how we can make our farmers earn more money in their family if the Govt controlled Village and Khadi Industries Department sets up one unit vertically in every village.The problem will be the infrastructure that is needed.We already have this dept and there is no CAG report on this dept.How much is there earnings and whether they are making a profit.What do they do other than putting up retail shops and holding exhibitions spending taxpayers money,Is it possible to integrate all the depts in all the states to make a single ministry responsible to handle the entire country or it will be another mess like NTC running several textile mills and begging for public participation.Textiles made by hand is very soft and smooth after washing it is hand finished and to some extent pleasing to look while mill made cloth looks very synthetic and almost like plastic.If our villages are made to spin,weave and finish the fabric they make and manufacture such fabrics like hand towels,bath towels,beach towels,bed sheets,table cloth,napkins,door curtains,bath tub towels and kitchen cleaning cloth pieces,car cleaning cloth,car mats,door mats and many other items and govt uses only such fabrics in their offices,govt quarters,guest houses and every requirement the balance is exported by a professional management instead of bureaucrats and people in charge of this ministry be made to work independently with out interference from anybody and made accountable with penal action if there is any discrepancy in his governance our villages will prosper with further products like fancy locks,brass items of various types known to all of us including other items exported also made exported and sold all over the world our villagers will be living in a/c rooms and going in SUV cars.Will our Congress make this happen our villagers.

Village Industries.

I Live in a Village in Tamil Nadu.My village happens to be in the middle of a cluster of 9 villages.I moved in to this village 2 years ago and am surprised to see not many young farmer in the age group of 18 to 23 working in the fields.Most of the work in farming is now in my village is mostly woman and young girls.All most all the boys are out of the village.I understand they are skilled workers in most of the jobs in non agriculture activities.Unless our Govt thinks of retaining these young men in villages doing some activity including farming as farming is not a 24x7 job there will be no farming in most of the villages where I live.No Small Industry has come up in my village cluster since Independence.

How to Start a Small Scale Industry in a Village.

The best man in the village is the Present who in many parts of the country is a respected man and people respect him or obey him for his powers.He is a rich man by birth with a big stake in the village as the big farmer and he belongs to a political party since politicians grab such people to make their party strong.The president is the chief of 3 or 4 villages depending on the total population fixed by the govt.There is also a councilor over this president but he is only a politician and may not be respected as much as the president.There is also a Member of the Legislative Assembly member over the councilor.and above the Member of the Legislative Assembly is a Minister and along with the Minister you have bureaucrats their number is unknown.Above all is the Chief Minister who is all powerful in taking a decision say on a project 'X' as to what should be done,where it should be .done,who will be monitoring and be responsible to do it with out any accountability of any mismanagement of procedure or work.The Minister makes a committee to execute Project 'X' the committee than does the paper work selects a out side man to take up the work and the Chief Minister must be told who is this out side man ( this may not be official but an understanding is my guess ).To start a small scale unit in any place there are so many bottle necks.The Govt has industrial sheds put up but they are not in any villages.Govt cannot do it even in one village or every village.Who is the Govt it is the Chief Minister only.Will the Chief Minister go to any village on a time table.The Chief Minister will not go to any village which falls under the opposition party.My Village has not seen a Chief Minister since 15 years on account of this village falling under the candidate who wins the election from a non friendly political party or for some reason known to the chief ministers who ruled this state so long.How can a small scale industry come up here in my village.

The Corruption Stage now is inevitable.

The Chief Minister is now met by the out side man who is selected to take up the work on the 'The Project 'X'.This outside man comes with a string and if the string looks good he gets the order to go ahead with terms and conditions to complete the Project 'X'. There are 2 types of terms and conditions one will be with the official order and another orally said.This is the case if the contractor is a known person.If he is a new man he will get the oral terms and conditions made known by a system that works some times there is a system failure and it gives birth to a scam or fraud.All this I have said with pure imagination.The Chief Engineer of a Irrigation Dam Project has said on National TV channel that the system is known from the top most lug of the ladder to the bottom.This works only for huge giant projects.To start a Project in every Village is possible only if:-

  1. Govt gives free land,water and 24X7 power.
  2. Gives Bank Guarantee if required to the entrepreneur.
  3. Gives Bank Loan with no interest like other loans.
  4. Tolerable Roads are made to every Village.
  5. No interference from any Govt or any Agency like with title Inspectors except Banks..
  6. To get orders from Govt Dept for his products manufactured to specifications.
  7. To Export Direct to any country of his choice.

What is the Cost.

The cost of setting up a small scale industry in every village if the govt sponsors with the help of good enterprising entrepreneurs with clean good record with a brand name will not be more than 1 CR with a Bank Guarantee of 1 CR will be Rs.40,000 CR less than any scam of this year.This should not be by the State Govt but by a NGO of international repute.This is of course a dream in the present circumstances.This is possible if we have a strong one Party Govt which again is a dream in the present circumstances.Some one said Anything is Possible.

If everything is a dream what to do?

The present politicians and politics and a coalition govt with its own dharma being our karma we must accept something that at least helps our villagers in to keep their farms and farming get going and going strong from the present suicide trend to improved social states of our farmers to levels of international recognition is difficult with the present policy of land holding regulations but we can try only by a change at the non corrupt govt that may come in our next term during july 2014.Farmer friendly can only improve our economy and bring the present inflation level which is hurting not only the poor farmer but millions of urban industrial workers and self employed micro entrepreneurs in city's.The farmer has no dream he knows what the govt does but is helpless.Our state of Tamil Nadu which was called as Rice Bowl of India is now getting Rice from other States on account of corrupt Govt.


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