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Iceberg Dead Ahead for the Republican Party

Updated on September 28, 2012

Fear, Loathing and Republican Morality

It is now 'Sunday Come to Meeting' time for the Republican Party. Todd Akin's decision to stay in the Missouri Senate race against Sen. Claire McCaskill will soon present a dilemma for the Republican Party. When Akin uttered his now infamous definition of 'Legitimate Rape', Republicans ran quickly away from his candidacy. What could they do? They had already misjudged and underestimated the women's vote - so by saying nothing or continuing to support Akin, would show their insensitivity to women's issues. Even Mitt Romney's suggestion that he fall on his sword and abandon the race went unheeded The Republican Senatorial committee withdrew funds followed quickly by condemnation of the leadership and other party faithful. The 'fail-safe' point of Akin's candidacy was reached and his decision remained the same. If one were to believe the Republican hierarchy was made up of clear thinking individuals their decision would be an easy one.. 'stay the course' and lick your wounds after the election. McCaskill's numbers continue to rise, but Akin continues to receive support from his base. Now comes the dilemma. Republicans believe McCaskill is still a 'weak' candidate and the posibility remains the seat could still be taken. The political landscape has changed and there is a real possibility the Republicans can lose seats thus making Akin's chair even more critical. Gingrich was the first to come home to Akin and then Santorum. The NRSC has now taken a second look at Akin. All that is left is for Romney and Ryan to re-endorse him. Do the Republicans take the high road and continue to keep their distance from Akin or do they prove that they are still the emotionally bankrupt and morally defunct party they have shown themselves to be this election cycle.


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    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      Until the gop experiences a serious defeat hopefully this november they won't be able to shake off the chains of the right wing extremist loons and their supreme leader THE EMPEROR , Rush Limbaugh.

    • Gary Messenger profile image

      Gary Messenger 5 years ago from Durham, North Carolina

      That's my point. As long as they were within the statistical plus or minus range; it didn't matter. Now, day by day, the race is getting farther and farther away from them and neighborhoods they decided to move away from are now becoming attractive again. Their moral compass is now stuck on magnetic south and there is nowhere else to go.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      they can't abandon akin because they are doing much worse than they thought in the senate races.