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Fear May Be a Factor-Loretta Lynch-To be or not to be US Attorney General

Updated on April 18, 2015

Loretta Lynch-Attorney General

A Harvard Scholar, Current United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and appointee by President Barak Obama last November to succeed Attorney General Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch is still in question for the official title of US Attorney General. The purpose of this article is to present the facts and understand the current reality that preparation for Loretta Lynch as Attorney General is not in place, but why?

While researching and reading the current background of Loretta Lynch, we find that she attended one of the most prestigious universities in the country-Harvard University. While awaiting the final move to initiate a vote for Lynch as Attorney general, her integrity is not in question. As a U.S Attorney in the Eastern District of New, York, Lynch oversees federal prosecutions in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. When Lynch arrived in office, it was a bitter-sweet moment. Lynch’s arrival to office was a bitter moment because the relationship between former United States Attorney Holder and the GOP was less than favorable, which causes the dispositions of many to be less than favorable for a new Attorney General. The sweetness that was in the form of Ms. Loretta Lynch was that she was appointed by President Barak Obama. As an appointee, the Republicans considered Lynch as a potential person who could wear the shoes of Attorney General, but where she stood would be in question.

The question is, “Are the Republicans thinking Loretta Lynch is a carbon copy of Mr. Eric Holder and holding off their vote in hopes of transforming Loretta’s mind or seeking someone else?” Before we begin to theorize the move forward of a highly qualified Loretta Lynch, let us discover a little of her personality and promises she made to the GOP. In a recent article written by Russell Berman in January of 2015, Loretta described herself as a woman who would play the role of being herself. Who is Loretta Lynch?

Loretta Lynch is her name. Loretta means victory and honor and that is exactly what she claims. She has not denied her affiliations or associations with the former US Attorney Eric Holder, but promises to improve the relationship between the GOP and the Attorney General (Loretta Lynch). As we recall, the Senate have already twice confirmed her unanimously for her current position as U.S Attorney, but what service has she given and which one of her beliefs could possibly keep Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from scheduling a vote on Ms. Lynch?

Mr. McConnell describes Loretta Lynch as being qualified, respected, fair and independent, but has yet to move forward with a vote. Mr. Connell has expressed that the vote for Loretta Lynch will not take place until there is a compromise in the vote for human trafficking dealing with funds and abortion. The Democrats seek to ban criminal fines collected into a victim’s fund from being used to pay for abortions. Republicans on the other hand believe federal funding should not be used for abortions. As we all know, decisions are based on reasons and although it seems like there is no apparent reason for the stalling of voting Ms. Loretta Lynch in, fear of the unknown appears to be the lone factor. Loretta Lynch during her appointed term in office has submitted responses to over 900 written questions and met with at least 59 senators. Dating back in 1999, Lynch was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve as the U.S Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Within the term of Lynch’s service, she was the overseer during the prosecution of New York City police officers in the Abner Louima case, indicted a Republican congressman, prosecuted Democratic politicians and was involved in the U.S 1.2 billion settlement. Loretta Lynch seems to be a no-nonsense type of woman and her apparent vote is suffering from one term-Fear!

Fear of the Clean Up Woman-Loretta Lynch

Presidential nominee Ted Cruz based his decision of voting no for Loretta Lynch on two questions he asked the now US appointed General:

Ted Cruz: Will you, (Loretta Lynch) support the amnesty orders?

Loretta Lynch response: Yes.

Ted Cruz: Are there any limits to this executive amnesty?

Loretta Lynch: Refused to answer the question.

According to Mr. Cruz, anyone without limitations for the President should not be confirmed as a nominee. While reviewing some past experiences with the prosecutions and review of different cases by Loretta Lynch, it appears that she has limitations and expectations that may not have quiet made it on Ted Cruz agenda. Speaking of agendas, it appears that items on the agenda of the Senate must correlate with the US Attorney General in order to be considered as a nominee. Is the vote for Loretta Lynch stalled because of an agenda where items cannot be resolved or is it fear that the no-none sense Loretta Lynch will not be entertaining any agendas that she does not believe in?

In summary, Loretta Lynch is known to me as the Clean-up Woman with no respect of persons or affiliations. If one does the crime, the time must be served no matter who or what one represents. When she arrives in office officially, she will still be Loretta Lynch (Clean up Woman). Whether singing country music or debating political issues, she will play the part of Loretta Lynch. If fear was not a factor, she would have already been approved and officially named as the U.S Attorney General. If voted in office, Loretta Lynch will be the first African American female Attorney General in American history.

Loretta Lynch and Ted Cruz


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