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Why the black establishment fear the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Updated on July 28, 2015

What's Really Going on with #BlackLivesMatter

Behind the doors in Washington DC and New York City, the white democrat establishment have all gathered to discuss how to control, command and even destroy the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. Anyone that steps forward as a possible leader of this movement, won’t face an attack from the Republicans/GOP but most likely you will face an attack that will come from the NAACP or people like Al Sharpton.

  • If White Democrats get the #BlackLIvesMatter Movement won over; they will win nearly every national and local election.
  • Black Lives Matter is all about a revolution and this revolution will not just call for the bringing down and re-organization of the White Superiority Status Quo but there is also these sub-affiliates of the black political class that are under the direct command of the white status quo...and they aren't about to cede any power to the millions of young black, Asian, white, Latino and Native American youths; that have grown tired of the injustice, institutionalized racism and brutal treatment of blacks in this country.

From modern day lynching to mass incarceration; President Obama has put out a rallying cry for the youth to rally and he has asked that leaders of this movement come forward. But there is just one problem; even though President Obama was in his second term, he kind of picked a time; that is really late in the game, to ask that the Democrat Infrastructure get involve with a movement; that is so potent and so powerful.

Right now, with less than 18 months to go, before we take on the Nazism of Republicans; many white liberals and their black sub-affiliates like people at the NAACP and Al Sharpton are in fear.

If the black political establishment fails to deliver the #BlackLivesMatter Vote and turn them out at the polls; this once and for all, will show that black people along with Latinos aren't a monolithic block that simply take marching orders from Reverends and Ministers.

These are logistic problems that the political establishment is having with this movement. Everything from dirty tricks to smears are being tossed at future young black leaders that may emerge as charismatic figures to lead these movements. But these circles aren't doing the same thing with Latino Leaders? Hmmmm.

I have been very impressed with BlackLivesMatter but there are so many middle people and operatives that are hijacking the flow, that the leaders are having a hard time connecting, in a truthful manner, to the masses.

  • Instead of Democrats actually taking the time to speak with potential leaders face to face, they rather use political operatives that feed them wrong data, which has been four times removed from the original source code.

I only come onto a movement, when the movement is actually ready to bring it all down. I only get in on something; when it is time to carve out a new civilization that is superior and more equal than the wreckage of the previous mess. And even then, I have to work through high up elites and intel people; that are global but still within the Anglo Power Structure.

Already, we see that these White Americans are being babied, as they take to Southern Streets with guns and confederate flags. The US Pentagon and FBI are basically telling them (White People) to take their machine guns, bombs and Hitler symbolism and return to their homes because according to the US Pentagon...they got it under control.

Like I said, these white people have massive amounts of guns, bomb making knowledge and even bio-weapons. There are agents in the US Government that not only feed white Klan Nazi group’s data, but many members of the Republican Party and law enforcement agencies are involved with these white Nazi Klan militias, especially throughout the Southern US, Mid-West and Western United States.

I am from a Southern Blue Collar White Town in America and I know these people like the back of my hand. I have dealt with their racism all of my life. I have had to navigate extreme forms of racism, adapt and over-come.

I know radicals like Alex Jones, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, John Boehner but I also know that the black establishment in DC, are only interested in protecting their 2 million dollar bank accounts, even though Black Democrats are second class politicians compared to their white colleagues.

Obama's Rally Cry


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