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Fear and Loathing in Rick Santorum's Presidential Bid

Updated on January 13, 2012

I haven 't written anything political lately and, in truth, I felt there were so many political opinions out there that adding mine would be a waste of time and energy. I changed my mind because of the deep fear I feel when I consider the presidential run of Rick Santorum. I don’t think enough can be said about this man in a bid to stop him in his tracks.

I’d like to think the American people see extremism wherever it is, but I fear there is such an intense hatred from so many for the current president, that they’ll willingly latch onto the polar opposite.

Yes, I suppose that means I don’t have much faith in my fellow Americans. After the last presidential election, you’d think I would, but then there were the 2010 elections and any faith I had dissolved.

Which brings me to the overwhelming concern I have regarding the tone of this presidential race.

Full disclosure – I lean center-left. I am an atheist. I am pro-choice. I am a Barack Obama supporter – though I voted for Hillary. I believe everyone has the right to their religion just as I believe everyone has a right to no religion if that is their choice. I resent all attempts to merge church and state.

Rick Santorum would have his god’s law as US law. His faith is so palpable that he and his wife brought his dead baby home from the hospital, slept with the infant’s dead body, then presented this tiny lifeless child to his other children, all with the purpose of “showing them that all life has meaning and worth”.

I have never lost a child, so I cannot say what I would do beyond suffering the obvious gut-wrenching agony of that loss. I can, however, say with certainty that I would not sleep with my dead child’s body. My respect for life and an individual’s dignity would not allow for that. I fear Rick Santorum’s actions show an unstable, warped and dangerous thought process.

I worry also how his faith – and horror-movie effort to show that ‘all life has worth’ – will affect the way he would govern.

Women who are raped and become pregnant would be forced, under his watch, to bear their rapist’s child. The discussion a woman has with her doctor would be subject to governmental scrutiny. The choices a woman now makes regarding her own body, her own future, her own reproductive options, would no longer be hers to make but his because of the laws of his god – whether or not your god, if you even have one, is the same.

This man’s extremism not only worms its way into the uterus of every American woman, but also tromps on the beds of consenting adults. He slides effortlessly from a discussion about homosexuality into a discussion about polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality as if they are all equal. His faith would have him overturn civil union and same-sex marriage laws, thereby nullifying those vows, ripping families apart and feeling, believing, he’s saved the country from some evil.

What’s odd to me is how this man, whose religious fervor is so obvious, resents the very basic notion of his faith – caring for those in need. His stance on health care for all, for example, is so at odds with what you’d expect from a man of faith. We all know that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has flaws, and we all know compromises could be made to create a system that works well for nearly everyone. But the basic principle of it is to provide affordable health care for all Americans. Simple. What does Rick Santorum have to say about every American having health coverage? That those in a better financial position should have access to more comprehensive health care than those who are in need but cannot afford it. See for yourself from his sarcastic statement:

“No, we have to have something for everybody! We can’t have people having access to better health insurance than other people. No! It all has to be the same! Is that American? Equality of result? Is that what built the greatest country in the history of the world? No. That’s what’s destroying most of the countries in the world."

So seeing to needs of the poor is not American?

That he received second-place status in the Iowa Caucus is terrifying. How can so many Americans support such extremism?

Some have described his thoughts on merging religion with politics as, Christian Sharia . Maybe the comparison itself is extreme, but I wonder if that isn’t just the term we should to latch onto if we’re to adequately describe the chasm between his vision for this country and that of the moderate American.

As if the points already made are not enough, take the shocking and disturbing comments this man made regarding President Obama’s wish that all American children attend college:

“I was so outraged at the President of the United States standing up and saying ‘Every child in America should go to college.’ Well, who are you?” Rick Santorum said. “Who are you to say that ‘every child in America go’? I mean, the hubris of this president to think that he knows what’s best for you…This is the kind of snobbery that we see from those who think they know how to run our lives. Rise up America. Defend your own freedoms. And overthrow these folks who think they know how to orchestrate every aspect of your life.”

Perhaps the best way to underscore Rick Santorum’s extremism and hypocrisy, and to argue against his bid for the presidency, is to close with the very words he used to disparage President Obama’s wish for an educated America:

“Rise up America. Defend your own freedoms. And overthrow these folks who think they know how to orchestrate every aspect of your life.”


In your opinion, which candidate has the most extreme view on social issues?

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    • Lady Quill profile image

      Lady Quill 6 years ago

      Auntie D, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. You have my deepest sympathies. I agree that if you had suggested sleeping with your babies, you would have been evaluated for Post-partum depression or worse. Yet, this man has done just that and has not only thrown his hat into the presidential ring but has managed to acquire an impressive (read that – “scary”) following. What does that say about this country’s future?

      In a way, I hope he wins the GOP nomination because I believe deep in my heart that the majority will vote against him. But in another way, I would find his GOP nomination a terrifying result of an ever-increasing anti-woman party.

      Thank you for visiting and for commenting.

    • Lady Quill profile image

      Lady Quill 6 years ago

      Thank you for stopping by, Cred2. I’m honored.

      I wish your words could be heard by the masses – “Most of this evangelical right wouldn't know true Christianity if it jumped up and bit them on the nose. The scriptures warned about the arrogant, haughty and hypocrite.”

      While I understand the economy is the main issue for many voters and that it will be a huge factor in President Obama’s reelection bid, I hope a majority of the American people look at this ultra-right wave for what it is – a reversal of progress. To strip women of their rights, to even mention women’s health as part of a political platform that does not encourage health care access to all, is vulgar and shocking. Most disturbing is how much support the Right continues to garner.

      We can only hope common sense will win, and rather than having tea-party minded people ‘take back our country’, we will have open-minded people willing to see the country move forward.

      Thank you again for coming by and commenting. It’s truly appreciated.

    • Auntie D profile image

      Auntie D 6 years ago from California

      You are so correct on Rick Santorum. He is so radical and really crazy I find it hard to believe he's found so many new supporters. His views on women are primitive and sleeping with a dead child is beyond belief...I lost twin girls shortly after they were born and it was very traumatic. Sleeping with them never entered my mind and I think if I had suggested it I would have been labeled as being crazy and in need of psychiatric treatment.

      I think we will soon see his bubble being burst and hopefully he will not be seen again as a political figure. Is he a new Rasputin in disguise?

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hi, Lady quill, Rich Santorum's behavior regarding the dead child touches upon the macabre. I am also center left and am delighted to make your acquaintance. Obama is pretty much where I am politically,much the way I felt about Bill Clinton. I trust his instincts. The arrogance of the Christian right, mirror much of the attitudes these folks have regarding foreign affairs. The irraational hatred for Obama would allow the GOP to nominate Satan himself and use clever spin to make him palatable to the party and the general electorate.

      Most of this evangelical right wouldn't know true Christianity if it jumped up and bit them on the nose. The scriptures warned about the arrogant, haughty and hypocrite. It is religion a la carte, take the morsels you want but leave the rest, consistently take everything out of context and twist my arm to make me live under their contorted vision of the world.

      The fact that so many of the other GOP candidates so easily sell women out to play politics speaks volumes about the true nature of this party.

      I have enjoyed the article and look forward to your hearing more from you... Best regards, Cred2

    • Lady Quill profile image

      Lady Quill 6 years ago

      True, lovemychris! It's only judicial activism when it's against them.

      What is most upsetting about this is how obviously hypocritical it is to first say government is too big, then say government should decide what happens in your bed and body. Actually, that's not the 'most' upsetting part. The most upsetting part is that a large portion of Americans disregard the hypocrisy and agree with those sentiments! Scary world.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Yeah! Funny how that wasn't called Judicial activism!! They have NO CLUE. Just condemnation.

      They act like people WANT someone they love to die,like a woman WANTS to have an abortion, like people WANT to be poor and on food stamps!

      They don't have a clue. Just condemnation.

    • Lady Quill profile image

      Lady Quill 6 years ago

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, lovemychris!

      I am a firm believer that until a person experiences the issues they condemn, they cannot understand the impact of the situation on others. This whole thing makes me think of the Terry Schiavo case. Remember that? Those of us who watched loved ones wither away, looked at that case through very different eyes than those without that same experience. It takes a special person to see both sides when they've yet to experience them fully. Rick Santorum, is not that special someone.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Amen sister! Do you know, if his policies had been in place, his wife would have died!

      Thereby leaving his other children without a mother, in order to save an unhealthy fetus. It's so barbarically backwards and insulting to the women of this country and the world to think they cannot manage their own lives without the Daddy State to order them around.

      And him calling Obama a snob is real hypocricy. Obama was raised by the people Santorum wants to "save". And he's "blaaah" too!


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