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Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Defends Giving Away (Loaning) Half a Trillion Dollars to Foriegn Banks

Updated on February 12, 2011

This is the Person Who is the Front for the Defrauding of The American People

Ben Bernanke Defends Giving Away (Loaning) American Money with No Accountability

If you can watch this Video and NOT believe the Federal Reserve is NOT acting in the Interest of Americans then please explain to me in the comment section why?

I’d honestly like to know how anyone who fully understands how the Federal Reserve Bank operates with no accountability to the American People, could possibly believe keeping the Federal Reserve Systems makes sense.

The Federal Reserve acts in the interest of Private Bankers only. It’s sole purpose is to increase the Wealth of the International Bankers who own the stock of the Member Banks.

Partial Text from Above Video of Congressman Alan Grayson Questioning Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Keep in mind Grayson is part of Team Obama and this is not Republican Rhetoric. You as an American should be deeply concerned with the Federal Reserves power to manipulate the money supply with a total lack of accountability. The Federal Reserve is the "Invisible Government" that is really calling the shots.

Representative Alan Grayson Democrat – Florida’s 8th District asks Bernanke:

“Half a Trillion Dollars and You don’t know who got the Money?”

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s Reply

“The Loans go to the Central Banks then they put them out to their institutions”.


So who actually made that decision to hand out a trillion dollars, half a trillion dollars that way.


“The Federal Open Market Committee”


“And under what legal authority”


“We have a long standing legal authority to do swaps with other central banks”


“Anything specific about it”


“My counsel says Section 14 of the Federal Reserve Act”.

The Federal Open Market Committee is NOT Federal Government Officials, it is a select group of Private Bankers.

If you watch this video you can clearly see that the Federal Reserve is accountable to no one. They flaunt it! They have teams of attorneys to defend it, and unlimited funds to fight to protect their cash cow. They manipulate and trade money with no accoutability to the Federal Government or to the people. Who put them in charge? Go read the history of the Federal Reserve Act. And you thought it was the Politicians who were corrupt!

Why are we as country borrowing money from China then in the same breath loaning Money to Foreign Banks? Why? Because the Government has ZERO control over the Money Supply!

Once again, it’s time to Abolish the Federal Reserve.

Why is the Media not coving this topic in the Nightly News? Answer: Because the Bankers own the Corporations who control the media.

And if you think the people who control the American Federal Reserve System are not the same people who control Central Banks around the world you would be mistaken. You could say “prove it”. And it can’t be proven because of privacy laws. But all the proof you need is in the actions of the Bankers themselves.

I Solemnly Swear to Do What is ever in the Interest of Bankers

It's not exactly the Hypocritical Oath to Do No Harm Bernanke is Taking
It's not exactly the Hypocritical Oath to Do No Harm Bernanke is Taking


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  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Henderson, NV

    "Feds" is generally referring to the Federal Government, whereas the FEDERAL RESERVE is the Central Bank and is NOT run by the Federal Government. This is an intentional use of the words... people believe the Government runs them... but they do not. The Federal Reserve is PRIVATELY OWNED and very Secretive Group of Bankers.

    Why do the people of the United States allow a group of Private Bankers to control the money supply, to print money from nothing and DEMAND interest on this FIAT Money? In one simple word: IGNORANCE!!!

  • Nan Mynatt profile image

    Nan Mynatt 

    7 years ago from Illinois

    There needs to be more control over the Feds, they are running over the American people. It's time for a change.

  • theguru-reports profile image


    9 years ago from Montana

    Follow the money. It has always been so..even more of a point today.

    While there are many of us, like Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky who would fire Bernanke, and Rep. Ron Paul, who's audit the Fed bill has been watered down to the point of ineffectivness, who do get it--most are watching football, collecting unemployment, voting for a bigger handout of their own money, and soaking the rich.


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