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Federal Budget Cuts

Updated on September 23, 2012

We have a huge budget deficit in this country, to state the obvious. Congress still hasn't passed a 2010 budget well in to March of 2011. Hard working people are losing their homes and struggling to feed their families. Corporate America is living it up, spending all their subsidies and bail out money. Those in so called poverty are laughing all the way to the bank spending their income tax refund, or should we really call it that? These are the broad facts, the reality of the problems the backbone of this country faces everyday, while politicians maneuver into their powerful positions and increase their bottom line. Our they oblivious to our struggle? Do the care? They think we won't notice. We are watching, but are just too busy working, digging out of our debt, and theirs. Somebody please help!

They want a budget, they need cuts, I got some ideas!

Lets start with welfare reform:

I'm sure it is the same song and dance wherever you live. You clip coupons or maybe you don't. Finally, on Sunday you get the opportunity to go to the grocery store. You are excited because this time you have some good coupons. The store is crowded, oops it's the first of the month. Oh well we are hear anyway. You shop, all the while comparing prices, adding things up in your head and subtracting coupons. After all, you work and are on a very limited budget. You struggle to dodge people who have two carts full of food, while you have only a half of one and are scared to death you went over. They are talking on their Iphone while you got a twenty dollar one to save money. They have some New Balance tennis shoes while you are probably still wearing your work boots. Need I go on, I could rant for eternity about this injustice, as I am sure could you.

So what is the solution?

To paraphrase Captain John Smith of Jamestown, If you don't work you don't eat. I'm not completely radical and do not believe that such drastic change as cutting out the welfare system is the answer. But, we must reform this system. Why do I eat ground beef while they get t-bones? Why do I eat 75 cent pizzas when they get Digornios? I work, shouldn't I receive the fruits of my labor? Shouldn't they allow me to go to the front of the line, or have a special line set up for the bums of society? I get so worked up. My English professor might even say that I am too wordy.

Step 1

To get to the point, how about limiting the items they can purchase. They have all day to cook, why do they need convenience food. All they need is the bare essentials to sustain life. If they want more, here's a primitive thought GET A JOB! By doing this we could cut their draw significantly and save the hard working Americans billions.

Step 2

We saved a bundle. Now, lets give them some initiative to work. There are thousands of small businesses, farmers , and such who struggle to turn a profit due to all the federal regulations empossed on them. Let's help them out. Every person of working age on welfare should log the appropriate amount of hours to a small business in their community. That appropriate sum of hours should be directly related to the amount they receive on a monthly basis, to equal minimum wage. It's a win, win, win situation. Small businesses benefit from the added production. Welfare recipients benefit from work experience and a renewed sense of worth. Well, maybe not a renewed feeling but at least a new one. And lastly, the overall effect of small businesses thriving would stimulate the economy.

Step 3

I am a lifelong resident of the great state of Kentucky. Here we are passing a law that all those who receive welfare must pass a drug screening. This is very simple legislation, but nothing short of awesomeness, from my perspective. I'm not sure of the exact numbers of our non working citizens who use drugs, or the coorelation between those in "poverty", depression, and drug use, but I would assume the numbers are staggering. We must refuse to support their habits any longer!

Simply put, the way this old KY boy generally does. You don't work, you don't eat. Do drugs and you don't get a handout. And you don't eat high off the hog, when your too lazy to slop em.

America lets stop enabling failure! Is anybody listening? The wrong people our starving in this land of prosperity. We will fight for Middle Easterners freedom. But who is watching this atrocity?

Do you believe the current Welfare System in the US should be reformed?

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  • MysteryPlanet profile image

    MysteryPlanet 6 years ago

    Great thoughts man, and I do agree with much of what you say. I would only like to add a thought. We need to cut out all the subsidies that are paid to the filthy rich AND we need to greatly reduce the life of luxury lifestyle enjoyed by so many of our politicians. Those guys are living like kings and queens.

    I enjoy drinking coffee and even a cold pop every now and then but I really dont get why so many people think that the government (that is the tax payers because the govt sure doesnt have any money of their own!) should be paying for snacks and candy for anyone.