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Federal Reserve- Government or Conspiracy?

Updated on July 15, 2016
Federal Reserve from People Natural Living Source:
Federal Reserve from People Natural Living Source:

Federal Reserve- Government or Conspiracy?

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

I’m an Aussie writer, whose interest in politics is only from a societal perspective: influence, economics, social reform etc. I have read some alarming articles about the US Federal Reserve and its influence on Government and ultimately the American people. I would like to be educated in what is really going on, so I ask you the people.

Is it true that a US president was offered all the financial backing from world bankers to guarantee presidency, as long as he undertook one task- to pass a bill in Congress that made the Federal Reserve a separate entity, not part of the American Government? The result is this... Every time the FR prints money, they charge interest to the thus making it impossible for them to ever be out of debt, and of course ensuring continued wealth to those already holding all the chips.

This scenario, if it is true, makes a lot of US foreign policy make a whole deal of sense. What costs the most and forces the US government to print money and borrow? WAR, or in fact any conflict would make the word bankers very wealthy indeed. It is said that Rockefeller personally made billions out of the Vietnam War. Is this true?

If the FR is a lone money making machine, the US is being squeezed to death internally and could well be a puppet in the hands of the wealthiest people in the world, vying for God only knows what.

Is this the greatest world conspiracy? Please let me know what’s what?


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