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Federal and State Housing

Updated on August 24, 2009

Federal and State Public Housing Update

The hottest topic on most Americans minds is housing. For millions of low to moderate income families, the questions on their minds is, "will we have a roof over our heads tomorrow"? Until recently, the answer was "maybe".

The Obama administration has made it clear that housing is their priority, not owning homes, as the Bush Administration focused on, but safe and affordable rentals for those most in need (for a recent article on this review links below). An enormous amount of publications have been released regarding housing, funding, states that are seeking funding, and where families can expect to find housing.This is great news for the low and income families across the US.

The Obama Administration plans to allocate 4.25 billion to subsidized rental housing; this will assist in the development of low-rise apartment buildings and townhouses. This will also be used for buying foreclosed homes and remodeling them for low-moderate income families.

For many advocates of low income housing, this news comes as a much welcomed breath of fresh air. For the past several decades the government has lost focus on its commitment to low-income housing, which has effected not only federal housing but state housing as well. Little to no funding has been made available to state public housing agencies in years.For this reason, many state public housing authorities have not been able to rehabilitate apartments that have become inhabitable, and therefore thousands of public housing apartments across the US are empty; an atrocity when one considers how many families are in need of homes. Obama's budget will allow for states to apply for funding for their public housing needs.

The enactment of the National Housing Trust Fundin 2008 was the beginning of the governments promise of involvement and accountability to low income housing (link below). The latest address by the White House has also made it clear that they are still on the right track.

In the area below, you will find several links on the new reform as well as housing programs.

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