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Feel the berning down of the Democratic Party

Updated on May 20, 2016

The Sanders supporters are the biggest bunch of babies around. After months of screaming about Democracy and the will of the people winning out, the campaign now argues that the will of the people should be overturned.

This narrative first started when campaign advisors to Sanders. The sometimes Democrats staff started floating the idea that if he went on a big winning streak, it would be the duty of the super delegates to overturn the will of the Democratic Primary voters. This after spending months attacking the idea that super delegates. This idea has fueled much of the Bernie Math that says that Bernie is really winning because we can’t count any delegates from Red states that Hillary won, any Blue state that only allows Democrats to vote and then take away those super delegates. When you look at the math through Sanders covered glasses, he is winning big and anyone who says anything else is stealing Democracy.

All of this came to a head this weekend at the Nevada Democratic Convention. A little background first. Hillary won the state caucus with 52% of the vote. Not a huge win but a decent one none the less. This sent Clinton into the convention with 20 state delegates to Bernie’s 15. That should be the end of it. Sanders supporters believe in Democracy so they should accept the loss and move on right? Of course not. First Sanders organized locally making sure that they sent more supporters to the county conventions. This meant that Sanders would now have more delegates then Clinton at the state convention, aka overturning the will of the voters.

Now fast forward to this past weekend. The Nevada Convention is set at the Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Sanders had the potential to have 402 more delegate then Clinton, if all of his showed up. This was thanks to picking up the extra delegates at the county conventions. After all the delegates were checked in, 1,695 of Clinton’s delegates arrived and only 1,662 Sanders delegate showed up. Of course to the Bernie Bros this must have been someone else’s fault not theirs. There was no way that Sanders devout supporters could leave 462 spots vacant. Additionally, the Sanders folks had 64 delegates who did show up but weren’t initially seated. Most of these issues revolved around improper data or their lack of being Registered Democrats by the May 1 deadline. After further review, the Nevada Dems said that they cleared up the mistakes and seated 6 of the 64. This wasn’t good enough for the Sanders people. Crying that this is the Democrat party, the big tent they thought that all of their people should be seated regardless of the rules. It didn’t matter to them if their people couldn’t figure out how to Register to Vote or how to show up on time. Damn the rules.

As the convention continued, the Sanders people pushed the convention into a toddler’s tantrum. As the convention progressed, the rules were presented to the convention and put up to a voice vote. These are usually very simple measures at a convention but the Sanders people decided that this was where they would make their stand. They screamed down the rules vote even though they were in the minority. They then proceeded to shout down and interrupt speaker after speaker including California Senator Barbara Boxer. Classy folks. At one point, the Sanders fans seem to have lost it and decided to rush the stage. Forcing the end of the convention. Not only did they put their own safety at risk but they reflected poorly on their own candidate.

In the days that have followed the true colors of these people have come out. The Nevada Chairwomen has published threats that were texted to her threatening her and her family, including her grandchildren. This type of behavior has no place in Democratic politics.

The simple fact is that Sanders not only lost the popular vote but also could not get enough qualified people to the convention. Frankly, the only delegate apportionment that should matter is the popular vote, but Nevada decided to do things differently. If the Sanders people want to be taken seriously they need to learn how to play by the rules. These rules weren’t created yesterday like they to imply and instead have been created over decades of running elections. Come the Democratic National Convention, will the Sanders folks decide that they don’t like the rules and rush the stage? Will they boo President Obama when he speaks calling him a pawn of the establishment?

The simple fact is that every time they behave like this they turn people against the Democratic Party and against the only person who can stop Donald Trump. While many of the people at the conventions represent a well taken care of white liberal elites, most people can’t. So instead of pushing rumors and innuendo about Clinton maybe the campaign should work towards uniting the party like previous candidates have done, but then again Sanders wasn’t a Democrat until a few months ago so why should we expect him to stand for any type of party unity.


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