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#FeelTheBern? No Thanks

Updated on May 17, 2016

The problem with Democrat Socialism.

I moved to Flint, MI, a year ago. Here in Michigan, we've had, in the past year alone, the Flint water crisis, two sick-out teacher strikes in the Detroit Public Schools, a funding shortage for the public schools, and a scandal involving school principals stealing money from the schools to pay for supplies they never intended receive, and now the Flint mayor is being accused of embezzling funds from the donations to the city during the water crisis.

Now much has been written about these topics, and I'm not going into detail about all of them, but there are a few things that are relevant to why I oppose Bernie Sanders for President.

In the past two decades we've had the FEMA scandal in Louisiana, Fast & the Furious, datamining by Homeland Security, Benghazi, the bankruptcies of Fannie Mae and the automaker industry, Solyndra, even the EPA accidentally creating a toxic waste spill on the Colorado River. These are scandals involving the government. Scandals, such as what happened here in Michigan, regarding government oversight, or lack thereof,....of the government.

And the solution presented by Bernie Sanders is...more government.

And this illustrates the main problem with expanding government.

First, the job becomes too big for one man. Did Rick Snyder know what was happening with the Flint water? Did President Obama really only learn about the scandals in his administration from the morning paper? Did President Bush know about 9/11? Does it really matter? How can one person keep track of everything going on within such large administrations? And how can they ensure the bureaucrats under their authority are operating as they are supposed to?

Second, James Carville said, "Of course the Republicans want smaller government. It's easier to hide the thieves." I'm going to politely disagree here. The larger the government, the more likely it is that you employ thieves, crooks, and con men, and more of them.

Sorry, Bernie, but our government is too large as it is. We don't need more of it.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Very concise argument. Great hub. Shared.