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Females in Gaddafi’s Life: Love or Lust???

Updated on May 23, 2012

There is a sea difference in love and lust. While true love is pure and beyond all physical considerations, lust is just the opposite. It’s only a physical hunger which can droop a man to the level of beast. After the fall of Gaddafi regime, the most talked about issue is no doubt…. his female army… Was it his love towards females or just the unhealthy intentions?…let’s read out something….

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot”……… the weirdest dictator of the world prayed after he was dragged down by the captors. His brutal murder has thrilled the whole world, especially those who want to be a dictator like him. The bloody end was just because of Muammar Gaddafi’s wrong deeds.

But… the interesting thing is that dictator will be remembered for his love for women. Today, his stunning female bodyguards are the latest buzz over the internet. Almost half of the world is curious to know about these stunning beauties … who were they and where they disappeared.

Let’s discuss about his female bodyguards and nurses.

It was 1970, when the Libya dictator showcased his eye-popping cadre of 40 women. They were all hand-picked by Gaddafi himself and were all trained killers (firearms and martial arts). They vowed of loyalty, chastity and virginity, according to a reputable site. No wonder, all were fashionable and showcased wearing 1990’s style camouflage, thin mascara, nail polish and Nancy Sinatra warboots. They were well known as The AMAZONIAN GUARD, The GREEN NUNS and the REVOLUTIONARY NUNS.

In short, they are lovely looking but trained killer.

“My women army is well trained for combat, so that they don’t become easy prey for their enemies”, Gaddafi once stated.

In 1998, the weirdest dictator lost one of his favourite bodyguards. She sacrificed her life to save him from an assassination attempt. It is believed that Gaddafi regretted for her death. Her death had proved that how dedicated her ladies were.

Although, there are several unbelievable facts related to Gaddafi’s army but it’s hard to say which one is true.

According to a reputed site, Gaddafi’s female guards were forced to undergo Female Genital Cutting as the dictator wanted all his bodyguards to be virgin and never fall in love.

Not just that… he used to sleep with eight of his bodyguards, 2 of his bed partner while the rest used to guard him. Almost all of his female bodyguards were involved in sexual relationship with him but none was allowed to conceive.

It seems that Gaddafi used women as an object/ puppet.

Why Gaddafi kept female bodyguards………….

According to one of Gaddafi’s former female guards (Aisha Abed El Salaam Ali, lieutenant-colonel, one of the highest ranking Libyan female officer and a Revolutionary Guard) who were arrested by the rebels claimed he wanted to flaunt his power by having female army. He wanted to give equal rights to women.

After her arrest, Ali explained to media that she and the two female guards always escorted Gaddafi on most of his foreign trip. He wanted to appoint additional 4 girls. Even the women would feel pride to join Gaddafi women cadre.

She simply denied the fact that all women guards should be stunning. Gaddafi wanted tall figured girls to stand behind him. He believed every woman with a little make-up can look beautiful.

Where They Fled………….

Whole world wants to know where these beauties disappeared. When rebels stormed into Muammar Gaddafi house, they expected to catch him along with his beautiful ladies. But there was no trace of Gaddafi and his guards. It is believed that the dictator had made a cadre of 400 tall figured women. But it is still a mystery where they fled.

Gaddafi Nurses

Talking about Gaddafi’s love to females how can one stop writing without discussing his beautiful Ukrainian nurses?? One of the five Ukrainian nurses who looked after Colonel Gaddafi considers him a good boss who always showered nurses with extravagant gifts such as big fat cash and gold ornaments.

Oksana Balynska (one of Gaddafi’s Ukrainian nurses) said in an exclusive interview, “The Libyan leader loved to be called “Papa” and didn’t hesitate to shower cash and exclusive gifts to nurses.”

Talking about her personal feeling in her 2 years tenure as a nurse for Gaddafi, she said “I loved his outfit and used to call him a rock star of 1980s.” Her close attachment to Gaddafi can be proved with her nickname to him- “Papick” which implies “little father” in Russian.

Oksana firmly denied the rumours that she was his wife. She said, “I was just her nurse.” She also denied the Libyan leader’s love affair with any of his nurses.

There were exclusive luxurious suites where all his nurses stayed.

No doubt, these stories are quite interesting. Who wouldn’t like to read about this unique aspect of life of one of the weirdest dictators?

But… nothing can be still claimed with surety. These stories are marred in mysteries also. But we are waiting for facts to be unearthed as soon as possible. Of course you also would be…

Was It Gaddafi's honor to women?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      That Is How He Choose His Life, Power Pushing Him

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't think we can blame religion. Religion doesn't teach anything wrong. It's we, human beings, who make mistake in grasping the right. anyway... perception varies

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Most of the islamic dictator are filth and womeniser , we can say the concept of islam itself is women and women exploit them , F****k them through them , basicaly this religion has given nothing other than dirt and exploitation.


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