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Feminism: Part Three

Updated on June 5, 2014

Recap of parts one and two

In part one, I defined feminism, both with dictionary definitions and my own personal definition, then went on to explain my issues with it. In part two, I covered more of my questions about feminism, which included the man's place in it, race, and rape culture.

What comes after the Bill of Rights?

Most, if not all, of us are at least familiar with the bill of rights, but are you familiar with what comes after them? Don't stop reading yet; this won't be some political rampage.

Do you know what the 14th amendment is and how it is relevant to feminism? For those of you who don't know, the 14th amendment states that we are all equal under the law. Basically, that means anyone can get married, anyone can vote, anyone can do anything legal, and so on and so forth. It's essentially the golden rule for grown ups. There's a golden rule in place by society and by the government. What could go wrong, right? A lot, actually. The thing is, a rule in place by society doesn't mean that it is actually going to be followed, much like how that amendment isn't even taken into consideration for gay marriage (but that's a whole other blog post). So, in our society, women are being put down, as well as people of other races, genders, people with other interests. The list of people who are being put down goes on an on and on. We've been trained to believe that anyone who isn't into the same things as you are wrong and should be shamed because of it, hence the explosion of social justice warriors and feminism.

The 14th amendment was just a small thing that I wanted to call attention to. It threw me through a loop when one of my lovely ladies pointed it out to me.

What is being done for feminism and what can you do?

If you are finding that these past few posts are hitting home for you, you might be a feminist. What can you do to help spread the word or idea?

  • Do your research. I didn't understand how broad feminism was or how it effected so many people until I did my research and talked to people. If you don't like doing your own research, talk to people. That's exactly what I did and I feel like I got a lot of the information that I wanted super quick and easy. It can't be any more simple than that.
  • Participate in a slut walk. Awkward name, for sure, but a slut walk is where everyone of any race, gender, sexuality, gets together and sort of marches around or to a specific destination to raise awareness about rape culture and street harassment. There are signs and clothing choices that demand to be scene. If you don't want to participate, I think it's still a nice thing to see and to experience. The people who participate are out of this world.
  • Put on your own event. That's right. It's not that hard, promise you. Do you have an idea on how to spread the word or how to get people involved in feminism or even how to get people to understand what responses some of their actions create in people. Now, I'm not suggesting you go full-hippie and become a hard-core social justice warrior, but if you feel that feminism is something that people should know about, do something about it.

And finally, how I feel about feminism.

I've kept this part for last because I wanted everyone to see that I have done the research, talked to people who are directly associated with feminism, and gotten my facts straight to prove that I have every right to think what I want to think. Even without all of the prep work, I still would have the right to think what I think because whether or not I choose to believe or participate in feminism is an opinion. We're all allowed to have our own opinion. In saying that, I'm posting this in hopes that you can respect my opinion and not get your undies in a bunch when mine doesn't match yours. Deal? If yes, keep on trucking. If no, stop right here and go do something else with your day.

Ladies and gentleman, here it is.

Just as in the beginning of all of this, I still think feminism is senseless (note that I chose senseless instead of stupid). I get what it is trying to do and what it's purpose is, but I still feel that there is no need for it to be a social movement. I just cannot get over that. Not everything needs to be a social movement. I'm going to choose to live my life by the golden rule. Sure, maybe I'm a little naive, but I like to think karma is a real thing. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Next time...

Next time, I will go into my love of journalism, how I got into it, why I love it, why it's my passion, etc. etc. I could go on and on but why do that here when I can make a whole blog post about it!

After that, True Life: Living with hoarders. I will describe the everyday struggles of a neat freak having hoarders for parents. It's not a great experience.

Kindness and Kittens,



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