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Feminism: Part Two

Updated on June 4, 2014


Last time, I defined feminism with three dictionary definitions, a combined opinion of two feminists themselves, and my definition of feminism based off of my own conversations and research. I discussed my issues with feminism as well as why I chose to write about feminism.

More questions I had about feminism

As with every social movement, there are a lot of bits and pieces that coincide with feminism.

Something that came to my mind first was what role do the men play in feminism? The two lovely ladies that I was talking to told me, in short, that men can play whatever role they would like in feminism; they can be feminists too. It's not that feminism focuses mainly on women, which is sometimes how feminism is shown, but feminism aims to get rid of the gender stereotypes that prevents women from doing manly things or men from doing feminine things. Men can feel just as abused by society as women can. Maybe they won't have construction workers cat calling them, but having a woman ask them to move something heavy simply because they're a man would be something that could happen. Having said that, let me just point out that that may be a bad example. Men's bodies are made differently than woman's bodies and are biologically stronger so it's not necessarily wrong to ask a man to move something heavy.

Since I've brought the men into the movement, let me further discuss their role in feminism by talking about rape culture. Lately I have felt that anything involving rape culture is mainly focused on helping the ladies out. When I brought this up with my two lovely ladies, one of them did say that it may seem like that because women who get raped are often asked what they were doing or wearing as if either one of those decisions would make someone rape them specifically and that men are getting away with a slap on the wrist and the phrases "boys will be boys" or "men love sex." it makes it seem like rape culture is blaming women for being too sexy and excusing men for just being men. The other lovely lady jumped in at this point in the conversation and presented this video. Yes, the title is a little offensive at first, but watch it. It shows just what is wrong with rape culture.

Why rape is sincerely hilarious

After watching that video, i had a whole new perspective opened up to me. Obviously, I never would have thought about that perspective myself because I am a woman, but once I had been exposed to it, holy crap! I can't even put into words how I felt. Rape culture plays into feminism because it reinforces the negative stereotypes that women are weak and men can do what they want because they're men.

Since it is almost always stated in news stories about rape what race the victim and criminal were, my next question was what roll does race play in feminism? The broad answer I got: none. The more specific answer was along the lines of feminism isn't about race, it's about equality. With that being said, race can play a role because a black woman or man might have different struggles than a white man or woman, as well as any other race. Pulling a quote directly from my conversation, one of the lovely ladies said "In general, feminism tries to value everyone, and include everyone, and listen to everyone, regardless of race or gender"

Next time...

This may end up being more than a three part series. Oops! I'm trying to keep these posts as short as my attention span so more people will be interested in reading them. No one likes reading a post as long as a textbook. It's just not fun. Here's whats coming next time:

  • I will call attention to the 14th amendment
  • what actions are being taken regarding feminism
  • finally, I will reveal my final opinion about feminism
  • for those of you who are over hearing about feminism, check back in a few days. Once this series in complete, I will talk about why I love love LOVE journalism and everything media related.

Kindness and Kittens,



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