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Fighting with your Neighbor's?

Updated on September 9, 2017
Tara Nichols profile image

Tara has been married to her "soul mate" for 18 year's. Together they have 3 beautiful children, and live on the Oregon Coast.


The Neighbor's.

Fighting between neighbor's happens a lot more than one would think. In fact, this is quite a common problem. It can happen to anyone. The problem is when moving into a new home whether renting, or buying you don't know who it is your moving next door too, and the problem's may not always begin right away.

My husband, and I moved into our home in June, of 2015. Our home had sat empty for 6 year's prior to being purchased. The problem with a home sitting empty that long is that the neighbor's were accustom to doing whatever, whenever, they wanted due to the fact the property was completely vacant and there was no one around to complain.

When we moved in, there was instantly tension coming from the neighbor's on all side's of us. The neighbor's seemed rather upset that we had moved in. None of them were friendly, or neighborly towards us. In fact they were downright rude to us, though we try to ignore them as much as possible.

We have one neighbor who I like to call the "rabbit guy". The rabbit guy has roughly 100 rabbit's give, or take. He has built a "structure" consisting of metal rabbit cage's that are stacked up in row's, walkway's through them all, and then put a roof over all of this to house them. The problem is he attached this "structure" he built to the backside of our house before we moved in. Again, because our house was vacant, he didn't need to ask anyone permission to do so.

He also has a few compost bin's where he disposes of the rabbit manure and the compost bins are breeding million's, yes million's of these tiny little gnats that fly out of their compost bin's and all of them somehow come onto our property. These little tiny gnats are Everywhere. They get into our house, they fly in your face, they land on our food/drink, they are literally everywhere and there is no way to rid our home, or property of them as the breeding source is directly next door to us.

This same neighbor come's out, and screams at our little dog every single night. He yells obscenities at our dog, and has recently started yelling at our children to shut our dog up, or else. I have tried to keep the peace with this neighbor, and I have never said a word to him. I have put up with his rabbit's, and his gnat's for far too long, but how much can a person take?

The neighbor's on the other side of us directly next door own the last two lot's on our block. He & his family live in the first house directly beside us, and his brother & his family live in the second house which is directly overlooking our backyard. They were never very friendly but it has now reached another level.

The neighbor's that overlook our backyard have started to build an apartment off of the back of their house. The apartment they are building is literally about 6 inches from our back yard fence line.

The "tenants" they have moving into this apartment came over, and started breaking the tree branche's on our tree's that run along our fence, on our property. The tenants claim they have the right to do so as our tree's branches are hanging over the fence onto what they say is their property. Now, due to the fact my husband, and I confronted them, and told them to stop breaking the branches off of our tree's, it has caused a massive fight with the two brother's that own, and live on the property, along with their new tenants.

Their new tenants are also here at 7 a.m. every single morning working on this apartment they are building to move into. They start hammering, running power tool's, and using an air compressor that is extremely loud at the crack of dawn.

It has literally become an all out war. It is terrible to even step outside. These tenant's are right at our fence line, and the fence that separates us is only about 4 feet tall.

They have also set up patio chair's that overlook our backyard and they are outside watching every move we make. It makes for a very uncomfortable experience to even step foot out our back door now. We can no longer enjoy our yard, and it has gotten to the point my husband, and I are thinking about moving.

Dealing with neighbors such as our's is emotionally, and physically exhausting. So what can you do to try and keep the peace with your neighbor's?

There are a few thing's you can, and should try first, and foremost. If all else fails as upsetting as it may be, you may want to consider moving.

Keeping the Peace with the Neighbor's

Feuding, and Fighting between neighbor's can have a negative impact on your life in more way's than you may think. Constantly being stressed out, and worried about coming home can cause your job performance to dwindle, your relationship's to become strained, and even effect your health negatively. It can affect your life in more aspect's than one.This is why it is important to try, and get a handle on things immediately if you are having issue's with your neighbor's as it can escalate quickly and sometime's to a dangerous point.

Your home is your castle. It is not a place you want to go, and feel stressed, and upset. It's the one place you should be able to go, and relax. This is why it can be so upsetting to be in a constant fight, or battle with your neighbor's.

Here are some step's to try to resolve conflict peacefully.

1. Do not try and approach your neighbor after a blow out fight. Let thing's cool down first. If you try, and approach them too soon after a feud, you may end up right back into another fight.

2. Know your limitation's. Don't let your neighbor upset your to the point of a feud, or fight turning physical. If the feud get's to intense, walk away until you can cool down. Nothing is worth going to jail over.

3. Try talking peacefully once thing's cool down. Tell your neighbor if they respect you, and your property, you will do the same for them in return.

4. If the feud is over where your property line's are, this can be resolved fairly easily by calling your county assessor's office. Also check your property deed as your property boundary line's should be listed on there.

5. Find out, and learn local laws regarding noise ordinances, animal laws, trash laws, etc... so if your neighbor should try to use any of these thing's against you, you already know the laws regarding them.

6. Keep a detailed record of all negative interaction's with your neighbor. Write down dates, times, and what occurred. This way it is all documented should you ever need it to be shown to the police, or the court's for any reason.

7. Video Record any action's, or violent outbursts. Such as ripping apart your fence, cutting down your tree's, or verbally threatening you. Try to get whatever it is they are doing on camera. This will go a long way in court.

8. Have a "Cease and Desist" letter wrote up by your attorney. This can go along way in advising your neighbor that they better stop whatever it is that they are doing to upset you. It let's them know you have sought council, and are further prepared to take legal action against them if needed.

9. If you have a homeowner's association, or HOA where you live, try calling them and advising them of the problem with your neighbor. They may be able to take action to get it stopped.

10. Involve the police only if your neighbor threaten's violence against you, harm's you, or damages your property. There is a thin line as to what the police can actually do in a dispute between neighbor's. In fact unless an act of violence, or property damage has occurred, and you have proof of it. There is not much they can do.

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© 2017 Tara Nichols


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