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File under, "Occupy till I come." Luke 19:13

Updated on December 29, 2020

Explanation for Title "File under..." title, and My Return to Hubpages After Years of Absence.

Yeshua - Jesus gave us the parable of the Talents saying the Ruler instructed his stewards to "Occupy till I come." He went on to describe for His disciples the full account of the Ruler and his stewards and what the illustration meant.

Basically, it portrayed the Ruler's authority over his stewards and his expectations to take his provisions and conduct business, and provide a returned increase for the Ruler's investment. Over the centuries the "Talents" or, measure of precious metals has since been translated to mean gifts, personal abilities and basically the person's ability to excel at any given task they may have a "bent" for.

The most obvious reason for this has been that these "Talents / Gifts" that 'we' have are God placed within each of us, and that God expects us to be productive with what we've been given. And then, to use that for God's glory, ESPECIALLY if we are believers. To take the parable a little further... the venues for taking these God given are everywhere we are. Anyplace we are "occupying". That we are making these investments of time, monies and know how - all, to glorify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This is not for just the "in church" applications. No matter what the world would try to convince us of to the contrary. The Bible instructs us to "do all things for the glory of God", and to use all of our energies to do so. So... what are some of our most important talents we all share?

One of the more important gifts I can think of is what we've been "ordained to" in America just as citizens. According to Romans 13, and our U.S. Constitution, we, as citizens are the Ordained Rulers of this country. They that govern do so as our mere elected, Representatives. These are God given Talents, and we are responsible for the investment of them as His stewards, and all to glorify His Name.

So why my return to Hubpages after all these years? I remember it as a wonderful blog platform, and an excellent way to archive the talent the LORD has provided to me. This Hubpage is intended to get the ball rolling once again, and to NOT lose stuff that I feel would other wise be gone after a few days on Social Network platforms or, be censored or, "lied about (fact checked)". It also provides to use my links for various Soc. Med. Venues, and to invite you all to do likewise. Signing up for Hubpages was relatively easy back in the day... it may still be so. Follow me here if you've a mind to I would appreciate it.

This is my first blog in coming back though I have well over a hundred archived.

So the, "File under, "Occupy till I come." Luke 19:13", has for me on Social Network become a "tag line", and I typically sign it with "Jus sayin Merwin" or, something along those lines.

Jus sayin


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