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Finding Ways to Reach our Goals!

Updated on September 24, 2013

Making Negotiations

Finding ways to reach the point of making negotiations for your cause or goal is an important key in reaching them. One of my personal causes is trying to find ways to get the "Yes" concerning upgrading garbage bins so they have a recycle option. I would love my home city to replace the old ones everywhere but this is a big goal. I am fine tuning my goal by starting with high-schools then hopefully expanding out to the rest of the city from there. The reason being is that I was hoping to find a way for the students in the shop class to make the recycle-bins for their schools themselves. If we could find a way to incorporate this into the shop classes of high-schools it could be beneficial in many ways. The students would be learning a few valuable things from this process- one important lesson being teaching our future leaders the importance of helping to save our precious green spaces from becoming future landfill sites.

Presenting Our Idea/Goal

One way to present our idea to the community is to present a "Proposal Letter" in which we could list some of the positive effects our goal will contribute to the community. Within a proposal letter we are basically trying to sell our idea to the community; giving them examples or reasons why they should back up or support our idea financially or otherwise. We could include an estimated budget that we would need to achieve our goal- breaking down the costs etc.

Soft, Hard and Principled Approaches

Another three common ways to approach negotiations is 1) Soft 2) Hard and 3)Principled. The soft approach tends to be soft on the people and soft on the problem even if it means changing your position in the hopes of avoiding conflict. The Hard approach is basically your way or no way; unwilling to give up your position this way is hard on people and the problem. Then there is the "Principled" approach that focuses on interests not position. This is open to suggestions allowing other options this choice tends to be soft on the people and hard towards the problem.

Separate People from Problem

Another important step to remember is to separate people from the problem. Humans are emotional creatures which can let their emotions cloud their judgements when making decisions. We should try and stay focused before making our final decisions. Finally we should make sure the "Criteria" is built on objective standards. Finding options will help in finding a solution or a common ground that can be reached which will eventually result in an agreement that all parties involved are happy with.

Joining Forces

Learning to bring others ideas to join our own can also have much better results when combining one's strengths. If we can learn to work together for good causes or goals we have a bigger chance of achieving them. If you yourself have a goal or dream that you are passionate about making a reality maybe you should seriously consider joining forces. Find people that have similar if not the same interests as yourself. Perhaps joining forces with another person or group will make a stronger case for your common goal. To do this we must be willing to perhaps make some compromises with others in order to reach our common goal. There is definitely power in numbers- something to consider when trying to find the right way to reach our goals.

Are You Willing to Join Forces to Reach Your Goal?

Would you be willing to join forces with others and perhaps make compromises to reach a common goal?

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    • Sue Bailey profile image

      Susan Bailey 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, UK

      I'll have to follow some of your suggestions. Concise and to the point hub; can't be doing with rambling for ramblings sake. Voted up and interesting.

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Great suggestions, Pamela-Anne!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Seems that the attitudes and the intentions go a long way. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Great suggestions!