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Finding Freedom #2

Updated on March 29, 2015

Seeing the Beauty that Surrounds Us!

A Different Perspective
A Different Perspective

Peace Begins Within

So, in my last post you had a task. Hopefully you completed or at least started the process of finding happiness within. If I could give you just a fleeting moment of the way I felt before this process and one moment after you would continue through to the end. By the way, there really is no end. I live my life with a goal. That goal is to attempt to be the most loving, forgiving, empathetic, accepting, giving, etc... person I can be on a day to day basis. Don't get me wrong, somedays I get it right and somedays I get it wrong. The difference is today I don't beat myself up for not being perfect. I do what is necessary to learn and grow from my mistakes and hopefully not repeat them. Sometimes I repeat them for extended periods of time before I finally realize I don't have to be miserable, hitting my head against the wall over and over again, and then I finally change;)

So, what is the next part of this process. Well for me I had to write, write, write with guidelines of course. I do want to mention though that there are plenty of people who have not had to write much if any to go through this process. What they did have to do was to share themselves with someone they trusted. Someone who would have empathy, but not empathize if that makes sense. Let me explain.... When I share with someone how I chose to be in a relationship with someone who continually abused me (yes, we choose), and I share it with someone, that person can relate and have empathy because they understand from experience. What they cannot do is empathize to the point they say to me, "You poor victim.... that man should burn in hell," even if this is what they are thinking. This process we are on involves being honest about our choices in life, the parts we have played, and taking responsibility for our life. *Note: there are some instances in life were people are truly victims, being raped, being molested or abused. Children especially..... We will address those situations differently in future post. Just let me say it takes some time to heal those parts of our spirit and there are necessary preparations to be made before that can happen. We are making those preparations as we move through this process.

So, now we have our life written before us, we have shared it with someone we trust, honestly. We look at our choices that have gotten us to the state we are in. This is not about feeling bad about ourselves. This is about coming to the realization that we don't know everything.... that maybe we need help living life, making decisions... that we are powerless over the things we have done and need to find a way to move on..... We need to be open minded, thorough and willing to move forward.

The next part of this process will sound religious and you might read it and say.... hell, no..... this is a religious cult or some god freak... let me assure you... I am not. This process is spiritual, not religious. It allows freedom to find what works for you. In order to do this though, you must right down everything you believe to be true about your religious beliefs, if it's god then that's what you write. If it's all about judaism then that's what you write. If it's Buddhism then that's what you write. What has been your experiences, what you have been taught, and your beliefs. If you have been led to believe then that's what you write. If you believe in nothing, but have been taught about religion and some form of a God, then that's what you write. Get it all out... Leave no stone unturned. This is a cleansing experience, don't destroy it when you are done, because again you need to find someone you trust to share it with. Find someone you know will not judge you. It can be a spiritual advisor but again preferably someone who has gone through a similar process of finding freedom. After you have share it, keep it, in part 3 of Finding Freedom, I will tell you what to do with it.....

I look forward to sharing with you again..... If only everyone could find peace within.... imagine the world then!!


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