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Finding a good church

Updated on May 23, 2017

Being born and raised at church is something that I find to be proud of. It is through our growing up in one that we learn to be the best person we can be as we grow up. Everyone may have a home church that they go to for a long time, however what do you do when you have to be on the move every 2 or 3 years. The answer to that is sometimes easier said than done if you ask most people who move from state to state every few years.

When one is young and they go to church with their parents, you can say that sometimes that they are forced to go. But I find that the reason my parents took me was because they wanted me to live a good life and learn what is right and wrong and to realize that we all need to at least have a church family to help us when we need it. Growing up in a church made me stronger personally, I always enjoyed going and it made my parents happy. Now that I think about it, the kids that I grew up with have all gone their own ways, some have left and gone to another church or there are a few who have just stopped going to church. But I learned that as we grow up and become adults we have to make our own choices. Our parents don't have to make the choices for us anymore.

There were times when I didn't want to go to church once I started out living on my own. But I knew how important it was in my life to be able to go to church and I didn't think that wanting to just stay home and sit around was going to be a good excuse to God. When I met my husband he was born a Catholic but when he got in the army he stopped going to church. As time passed he decided that he wanted to go to church with my parents and I and to my surprise he really enjoyed going to a Pentecostal church. He told me that it was different but in a good way and we went on Sundays. Then the army decided to move him to another base in Louisiana that is where we knew it would take a little time to find another good church to go to.

We arrived to Louisiana and were surprised that there are a lot of churches out here and so many to choose from. But we went to two of the churches and the second one was the one that we were most comfortable going to. We go to a great Pentecostal church, small but feels homey and I know that everytime that we go, there is a touch that we get from what he hear and listen too. There is nothing like finding a great church to go to and feeling the love of God and the love the people who go there. Unfortunately we will be leaving very soon to another base, but I know that somewhere out there where we end up we will find a good Pentecostal church.


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