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Fine I'll Write About Politics 2: The Petition of Sargon

Updated on April 29, 2016


Sargon of Akkad is a YouTuber who is vehemently against contemporary feminism and social justice activism, because he sees the actions of violent lunatics and incoherent nutjobs often falling under those umbrellas. Why else is it that every week, he can put out a "This Week in Stupid" video and usually find a crazy feminist or a crazy SJW to mock?

His channel didn't start out that way. In the early 2000's, intellectual discourse on YouTube in the atheist community was atheists vs. fundamentalist evangelical Christians. The side of reason won, basically, but then YouTube atheists branched into two directions, SJW and anti-SJW. Sargon, Thunderf00t, and The Amazing Atheist are some examples of atheist vloggers on YouTube who went anti-SJW, and Laci Green and Steve Shives are atheists who went SJW.

So basically, my free entertainment shifted from hearing these people mock, criticize, and challenge fundamentalist Christians who think the Earth is 6,000 years old, to hearing them mock, criticize, and challenge equally irrational feminists and SJWs who think that everything is racist and that you need to apologize for the original sin of being white, male, straight, and not transgender. This probably happened because the evangelical Christians either changed their minds or became less vocal and active on Youtube during the Obama years, while during these last 8 years, extreme leftist activism has increased on YouTube and other media dramatically.

The Petition

You can read it here. Basically, Sargon and the people signing the petition (of which I am one) believe that Social Justice should not be an academic field because it has become a kind of cult wherein young adults are being misinformed and brainwashed. To quote the petition:

"Social justice has become scientifically illiterate, logically unsound, deeply bigoted and openly supremacist. Social justice professors are indoctrinating young people into a pseudoscientific cult behind closed doors that is doing damage to their health, education and future.

Social justice has become a victim of its own good intentions and in the desperate attempt to make the world better for some it is creating a world better for none."

While many people agree, some people have questioned whether the petition constitutes censorship. I believe that, for one, professors are being paid to teach this crap to students, and that believing in freedom of speech, which I do vehemently support, does not mean you the taxpayer have to pay to support a speaker if their ideas are irrational, dangerous, or both. SJWism is against many principles this country was founded on that are enshrined in our constitution.

Nothing makes this clearer than the embarrassment that is the Melissa Click affair, wherein a feminist professor leading an on-campus demonstration calls for "some muscle" to forcibly remove a student journalist and prevent him from documenting said demonstration. This became a battle over whose rights were more important, their right to privacy in a public place, which is not a legal right, vs. his right to freedom of movement in a public space and his right to freedom of the press. Consider who else is likely to ban journalists from covering their activities, like Chinese communists, middle Eastern dictators, and third world sweatshop owners. If they had a righteous protest for the rights of students as they claimed, why would they not want to allow a journalist to come film their story?

Although Melissa Click was rightly fired, many ideologically extreme left-wing professors remain tenured, in a job market where many promising young Ph.D's who are rational, fair, balanced, and just cannot even find tenure track positions and have to support themselves by working at places like Barnes and Noble.

The U.S. government should not be wasting its time and resources supporting these fringe lunatics and their effort to indoctrinate young people into their radical brand of liberalism. It's gone too far and become an anti-intellectual cult of bigotry, spreading false statistics and arguing from emotion and anecdote. This is the opposite of how I feel the youth of America should be being educated; I believe that students should be taught how to think, not what to think. Sign the petition here. Thanks for reading!


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    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 19 months ago from Illinois

      Well, when they're tenured professors, they're a lot more influential than that, so that's why the petition is focusing on the issue of academia. In their own bubbles, they're not able to influence the minds of college students. But it seems that colleges are increasingly open to these kinds of people and ideas, out-shouting more rational voices.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 19 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Interesting area of society. Should we really be concerned at all with these fringe fad groups. Aren't they really just grabbing headlines but not opinions of 99% of us?