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Fingers Up to the United States

Updated on August 28, 2012


Displays a Gesture
Displays a Gesture | Source


So an Israeli Judge decided that no blame can be attributed to the Israeli Government or military for the unfortunate death of Rachel Corrie and no damages to be awarded.

In 2003 Rachel, a citizen of the United States had been run over by an Israeli bulldozer that was demolishing houses owned by Palestinians in Gaza. She like many others was protesting this inhumane action.

Yes it is true that Israel had said that they would do it. Yes they had told people to stay out of the way.

That does not matter though; any reasonable and responsible operation ensures that the area in front of a bulldozer, in operation is clear. Not to do so is blatantly an act of incomprehensible, ignorance, arrogance and mis-conduct. For no one to be responsible for this is outrageous and callous.


But why should we not be surprised?

Israel is a country that listens to or pays heed to no one.

They have broken or ignored more United Nations resolutions than any other country including North Korea, Syria, Iran, Iraq or Libya, yet nothing is said or done.

The US government tells us that Israel is a good friend and that they should look after it. It is not. A good friend does not abuse a friendship. A good friend does not bring trouble. A good friend does not tell lies and most of all perhaps, a good friend apologizes if they make a mistake.

The truth is that Israel, through its wealthy banking contacts, owns the US government and so they do not have to care one iota for their feelings.

They consider themselves above any international law or act of mutual agreement. That includes any that the mighty United States asks, no begs them to heed.

Israel will antagonize its neighbors. It will tell the US lies about its neighbors. All in an effort to drag the US into war with a country that has done the US nothing but is not liked by Israel. Yet, whilst this is happening, letting the world be aware that if their territory is intruded there will be nuclear reactions. Exactly the situation that is preached: for neighbors NOT to have nukes.

Fingers Up

So now a US citizen, displaying their right to protest, in a non violent manner, in a supposedly friendly and like thinking country, is killed in a blatant act of negligence and nothing is done.

The law suit the Judge was residing over was for damages of just US$1, a symbolic gesture only.

Well the Judge and Israel clearly showed their gesture: two fingers up to the US and the rest of the World.

Obviously to Israel, this was just one more worthless, if brave life that could be added to the thousands that have already been lost because their arrogance.

When will the people of the United States realize that friendship is a two way thing, one of give and take? The US willingly gives Israel Millions and millions of dollars annually, yet Israel will not even give $1 back to give a little closure to a supposed friend. It is time that the US citizens made it clear to their leaders that to die for ones beliefs and freedoms may be acceptable but to put lives on the line to appease one of their personal financial campaign backers is not.

The foreign policy of the United States is dictated by Israel.

Only when this stops can the US ever expect to regain the respect of the rest of the World that, dictating its own policies would surely bring.

US$1 and an apology to the Corrie Family, the United States and the rest of the World should be given by the Israeli Government, along with an assurance that these kinds of malicious acts will be avoided in the future.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      I share your opinion about Israel. Even, the chinese, our enemy at that time did not run over a man in Tiananmen square! But Israel is plenipotent!

      I personally think that one day, given its abuses, it will pay a fair price. When oil will drastically deplete who will come at their rescue since it is surrounded by Arab and Muslim countries? Not the U.S!