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Finland Has the Youngest Serving Prime Minister in the History of the World

Updated on January 14, 2020
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MG is a keen political observer and commentator who has a ringside seat to the turbulent years of the present political scenario


Finland is a small country on the eastern border of Russia. It has always been wary of Russia and during the early period of the Second World War also fought against the Russian army. At that time Josef Stalin was the dictator. After the end of World War II, Finland has followed the path of neutrality between Russia and the West. It is also not a member of NATO.

Finland is a pretty cold country but it prides itself on its gender equality. Finland was the first country in Europe to elect a woman to the finish Parliament. This happened over 100 years back. Since then Finland has had two women, prime ministers also.

Finland has moved further ahead and has elected a 34-year-old beautiful young and energetic woman as the Prime Minister of this country. She's Sana Marin and her election as the Prime Minister has created a record of sorts. She is the world's youngest sitting prime minister. Another major feature of her life is that she is unmarried. Despite this, she is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend. She has a daughter and the couple are living together and have as yet not decided to get married.

Sana Marin has created history and many people all over the world are unable to comprehend how a woman who has defied convention and had a child out of wedlock and staying with her boyfriend has been elected as the prime minister. The fact is it has happened and it shows to the world that Finland is a country where there is total gender equality.

This is something that the world must think over and ponder when one compares with life in some of the countries in the world, where the women are subjected to discrimination. This example from Finland will be a source of great inspiration to the thousands of women in the world, who are downtrodden and have nothing to look forward to.

Recently during the European union conclave at Brussels, Sana Marin hogged all the limelight. She was a refreshing beauty among the other leaders of Europe who were mostly middle middle-aged and older men.

Finland has created another record. The coalition which is now governing Finland consists of five parties. All the parties have women leaders who are below the age of 35. I wonder if this is the return of the lost continent of Atlantis where women ruled.

Finland has shown something out of the ordinary. One of the most important points is that the Prime Minister and the other leaders of the coalition are all beautiful and young. One wonders if this situation occurs all over the world what will happen to the older generation of politicians.

Sanna Marin is prime minister

Sana Marin belongs to the Social Democratic party. She was earlier the transport minister. She has had a chequered career in politics and has been in this field for the last 14 years. She joined politics at the age of 27 and got elected as a counselor. She followed up by becoming an MP at the age of 30. When the Social Democratic leader stepped down recently, she came to the fore to lead the party.

Marin has had a modest background and her parents divorced when she was only a child. Maybe that had some effect on her psyche because she has mentioned in her blog that the separation took place because of her father's alcohol problem. She published this in her blog in 2016.

Her mother did not marry again but as per reports she had got into a same-sex relationship with another lady. Marin decided to strike out on our own and at the age of 15 started working. She got a university degree and began to work as a cashier. This was the reason that the leader of the Estonian cabinet commented that she was a salesgirl. Estonia apologized for the remark but the fact remains that many men are still not able to adjust to a beautiful and lovely woman, who is unmarried and leading an avant-garde life can be the leader of the nation. There have been older leaders like Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Srimavo Bandairnaik but none so young and vibrant.


Marin has become the prime minister but she may soon find that everything is not going to be smooth. Her politics border to the left and she is in favor of increasing the refugee intake as well as increasing taxes to support the welfare state. Increasing immigration will necessarily mean inducting more Muslims into the state. In this, she will have to face the Nationalist party Finns. There is also a real threat that disgruntled social Democratic voters may gravitate to the Finns party. She will also have to manage her relationship with the western powers and Russia

In Western Europe, leaders like Marianne Penn and Geert Wilders are forming a far-right. In Finland also there is a genuine threat that the right-wing populist national parties may capture the imagination of the voters

Sarin has her work cut out. We will have to see how she balances her role as prime minister with a live-in relationship and a growing child, as well as the rigors of governing the state. When Marin became prime minister the leader of the Nationalist Finns party tweeted his congratulations with an emoji of a bucket of popcorn. It was his method of saying 'Good luck' you have a hard time ahead.

The world will also be watching how this record-setting Prime Minister will tackle the problem of the Social Democratic party and the aspirations of the people as well as the rising right-wing party like the Finns. Her life has to be an open book that should set an example for others. For the sake of Sarin and the victory of the female sex as well as gender equality, one sincerely hopes that she will be a success. Let's wish her all the best


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