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Fire and Fury's Trump and Oprah for President

Updated on January 8, 2018

If you watch CNN, you would think that Fire and Fury, a book from an author who was inside Trump's Whitehouse, was the only news.

Fire and Fury basically states that nearly all of Trump's outer and inner circle and even those on the fringe consider Trump as non-presidential and unfit for the job. Whether this is factual or not, it is based on hearsay, private conversations that are off and on the record. It is really a subjective topic to discuss. What is unfit? What is unfit for one person, is not, for the next. What is Trump's mental health? His mental health is as good as anyone's who has never been in public office, yet, been very successful in business- it is overwhelming. If you call him unfit simply because you are against everything he stands for, or his tweets and personality, that proves nothing. True, he does love himself, much like many world leaders, but that does not make him unfit. Trump was unprepared for the office, no doubt, his learning curve remains steep. He cannot act like he did in the private business world. When he does, the media slams him hard because no other President has been like this and improper. His fake news claims and his alternate facts are of concern, but does this mean he is unfit? All that has happened is a constant chaos in the government.

Trump has tried to stop the sale of Fire and Fury. The net result is that more books have been sold, reaching more people. What has worked for Trump while in private business has not worked for him as President of the United States. Some lessons are hard to accept.

Oprah for President

Even though the 2020 Presidential elections are years away, who will run? The most recent Democratic candidates hinting is Oprah Winfrey, TV icon. This could be an interesting thing- a Hillary Clinton (President) and Oprah (VP) ticket. Surely, this would galvanize many different groups. Like Trump, Oprah would face the scrutiny as Trump did for a total lack of experience in government. Why would she be better? But were she linked with Clinton, that glass ceiling could burst! Of course, the other ticket could be Joe Biden (former VP with Obama) for President and Oprah or Hillary, as VP.

America seems to be going down the "end of empire" road that others have done. It is rather a slow death. We are electing inexperienced people to lead a nation because of their popularity or star status. There is a large dose of narcism in the society. America's presence across the oceans is diminished because we are more interested in ourselves. This allows other more nefarious nations to gain the upper hand. The election of Trump (and others in the future) clearly show this.

Oprah for President?
Oprah for President?


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 13 days ago from Orange County California

      HRC is politically dead. Oprah Winfrey, are you really buying into that cookie?

      It looks more like Biden will give it a go.

      Maybe even Biden Sanders?

      Anyone that would read Fire and Fury is being played.

      Do they give you a free copy of the Russian Dossier with each copy?

      When you say end of the road, it is a good thing because the last one hundred years have been run by professional and experienced long term politicians. And look what they did to the country. One hundred years of almost continual war. None of them were we the winners.

      They have caused the decline of the US since the 70s and took down the economy in 2008, and barely kept it afloat for the last 8 years. The US products moved overseas, and our exports pale in comparison to our imports.

      Terrorism has flourished in the world, and in 1993 Terrorism attacked us in NYC. And then again in 2001. Where was the Trillion dollar Military, and US Intelligence agencies that allowed 19 terrorists to successfully attack us in our own country? Not a single defense was active that day.

      So a new road for America should be welcomed as president Trump starts it.

      How could he do any worse than your professional politicians did in the last one hundred years?

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 2 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      I would imagine everyone wants to read this book now it's had so much publicity. I reckon Oprah would make a great President!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 2 weeks ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Well you say 'end of empire,' but your only idea as to why this is so is the thing about persons who'd not been in government, running for government. In the case of Trump, his first year has been extremely successful. So in other words, I think the end of empire thing needs more fleshing out.