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Fire and the US Economy

Updated on December 3, 2012


Theme Park?
Theme Park? | Source


Recently there was a devastating fire in a Bangladesh garment factory. The fire killed 100 people.

This was widely reported on the news channels in the United States.

Along with these reports were discussions on the working conditions that these Bangladeshis had to work under. Of course there were also statements as to what low wages the workers received.

Obviously the idea of this was to establish in the US citizenry a feeling of being fortunate in not them having to live and work in these conditions.

The media imply that Americans can be thankful to the great American system, their politicians and business elite for saving them from this horrible plight.

They are right, well to a certain extent.

Financial Precipice

We must not forget though that it is these same politicians and business elite that have now brought the US to a financial crisis.

Among the ashes of the Bangladesh factory were found labels with the names Wal-Mart, Disney and Adidas.

Now I can understand that the garment business is cut throat and so can understand the need to out source the work abroad, therefore saving money and being more competitive.

Wait though! Aren’t these some of the expensive garments?

I can understand that if someone is willing to pay a price for something, and then why not charge that?

Surely though, if people are prepared to pay higher prices, then why out source the work abroad?

The reason is that they just want maximum profit for themselves.


These rich elitists say that if they get rich, that that has to be good for the country.

This may be so but only if they put that profit back into the country.

When there is the opportunity to employ Americans then they should give them the work.

When they make big profits, then they should invest it back in American jobs or at the very least, keep it in American banks instead of their personal off shore accounts.

Some people say that the US had become a financial empire. If that is the case then yet another empire will crumble the same way as most of the ones in the past did: internally, from deceit and greed.

The United States dollar is teetering on the brink of collapse, yet still the rich elite are squabbling about paying taxes.

If these same elite had kept American work in America, then perhaps they could deserve tax breaks.

The politicians and rich elitists are eager to ask the average American to show their patriotism by fighting abroad or tightening their belts at home. In reality it is time that they showed their patriotism and for once put America before their own greed.


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Of course you are right but I doubt if too many Americans understood why this fire made such a big splash in the Media.

      The conditioning that Americans receive is now so subtle that many Americans miss the main point.

      What is your personal solution to this . . . Rafken, I for one would read that article!