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Fire them all... Sustainablitly and the current economy

Updated on July 22, 2013

A Brief Introduction

I told someone on one of my other hubs that I was going to outline how I think the Senator's and Congressman should get a pay cut. I am going to include the President in this analysis. Since after all it was his plan to cut, fire fighters, teachers, and Police officers if we couldn't figure out a way out of this mess... notice how he didn't offer to take a pay cut though.

Okay so maybe we can't actually fire the President, after all where would we be with out his leadership....

But we can demand that he and the rest of the goons in Washington D.C. take a pay cut. I suggested in my other hub that none of them should make more than the lowest paid soldier, I just don't think that they who work for us should make more than those who would die for us.

We could go so far as to make the argument that they should only be paid for the work that they actually do but let's face it, if we paid them by how hard they worked most if not all of them would be pulling in around 14,000 a year and that is way below poverty.

While we would like to give the majority of those who currently "work for us" the boot.

Yes, I mentioned it again, because it seems as Americans we have forgotten just who is in charge. Not the Congressmen, not the Senators, not our Governors, or even Mr. President. While they should be treated with respect they are still employed by us and at extravagant wages.

Average Salary for Military Personnel

Enlisted Personnel range from 30,000 a year to up to 93,000 depending of course on the years of service within the military and their pay grade.

Officers make between 49,000 and 140,000 depending of course on their pay grade and amount of years in service.

Those who defend our Freedoms

For those who defend our freedoms they are granted a small penance for the work that they do. After all how do you affix a price tag to someone willing to lay down their life for you. I doubt, and I could be wrong that anyone joins the military for the money that they will make doing so.

These brave men and women serve because of a higher calling that money can't justify, the idea that they are going to be putting their life on the line for their principles. That America is good, that we are a great country, and that our constitution is worth defending. They deserve way more than our thanks, and more than they make serving, but they don't ask for any of it. I have not even met a soldier who demanded a thank you. These individuals are cut from a different cloth.

How much are we talking?

$174,000 Average Salary for a Congress person

Senate Leadership:

Majority Party Leader - $193,400
Minority Party Leader - $193,400

House Leadership:

Speaker:- $223,500
Majority Leader - $193,400
Minority Leader - $193,400

Senators and Congressman

Now these guys unlike the individuals who would gladly lay down their life for this country, have a tendency to seek out praise, to look for compliments, and they most likely go into it for the money. Granted they don't make as much as a Senator or Congressman as they could in the private sector say as an Ambulance chasing attorney, but they also don't have to work nearly as hard as a representative as someone in the private sector does. Heck they don't even have to read the bills that they want to pass.

What about the President and Vice President?

Effective January 1, 2001, the annual salary of the president of the United States was increased to $400,000 per year, including a $50,000 expense allowance.

The salary of the vice president is currently (for 2009) $227,300

The President & Vice President

Now I read once that President Washington turned down his salary of 25,000 a year for being President, because of the principle of it. He wanted to serve the country, serve his fellow man, he wasn't interested in the fame or fortune that it would bring him. I wonder what President Washington would think of our current state of affairs. An economy in ruin, debt and a deficit wildly out of control, and a President who currently makes 400,000 a year plus an additional 50,000 to cover what exactly? If we are talking Obama that doesn't even cover his trip to India... I guess it's a good thing he has tax payers to pay for these vacations of his.

Time to pay the piper

So while the federal reserve prints out more money that is not going to be worth anything, and the cost of everything skyrockets out of control. More people find that they have to choose between food, and a roof over their heads, I say it's time we call for those who are supposed to be working for us to take a pay cut.

If we ran this country like a business, big or small, and things were going bad... we weren't making ends meet, would we go out and borrow money, or would we tell people who weren't working, who were taking extravagant vacations to far off lands that well guess what now that you are back we are going to have to cut your pay by half? What about cutting it from 400,000 to 50,000. Everyone else is struggling, perhaps it is time that President Obama start chipping in. After all who pays the lighting bill, the phone bill, and the mortgage payment at the White house? If the average person can't take a vacation this year does Obama really need to take six or more?

The New Wages:

 President:                                                    $50,000

Vice President:                                             $45,000

Speaker of the House:                                  $40,000

House Majority Leader                                   $35,000

House Minority Leader:                                  $35,000

Senate Majority Leader:                                  $35,000

Senate Minority Leader:                                  $35,000

Everyone else that is in the Senate or House: $30,000 yearly

Now that might seem low, but these people are supposed to be serving the people, how many of you out there if you could afford to hire someone as a servant would pay them more than what you make per year? They work for us, they are servants to the people, and now they can all take pay cuts, and that money that was going to their salary well it can go to this monstrous debt that we have.

Should the President and Congress take a pay cut?

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    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      AR Thanks for the comment, now all we have to do is convince those goons in DC that they need to take a pay cut...

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      Every paying job in the world demands performance to continue getting his or her check! hmmmmmmmmm your right someone needs a pay cut!

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      I agree, right now I am working on a petition to get Prop B repealed or declared unconstitutional here in Missouri, but I think I'll work on the pay scale one too. Thanks for the comment.

    • Jeremey profile image

      Jeremey 7 years ago from Arizona

      It is a vicious circle. Maybe you should put this pay scale plan into petition form, get the appropriate signatures and have it presented as proposed legislation. It would be a work no douubt but I for one would sign it! Nice hub bringing to light another injustice of "money and wealth" in our country. The only politicians who shouldn't work on your proposed pay scale should be the soldiers who pursue a political career after they have served in our military.

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      Old Poolman: I like the idea of making it an unpaid internship, and a two term limit. Personally I would run under those circumstances and I think that there are a lot of "real" americans who would too. Time to get rid of these Politcians, I doubt that the founders intended any of these positions to be lifetime appointments (other than the Supreme Court)

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 7 years ago


      Well you did it again my friend, great hub. The pay scale of our elected officials is a subject many never consider. And how do they justify this rate of pay for so few successes? But then we also have to look at the huge bonuses paid to CEO's of failed financial institutions. Oh, I forgot, these bonuses were paid from stimulus money so it came from the same pot that pays these outrageous salaries to our representatives.

      I wonder how many would run for office if the first term would be a non-paid internship, and there was a two term limit?

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      Partisan Patriot: Sounds like a plan... do you think any of them would go for it?

      Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 7 years ago


      I'm for paying them based on what they don't do; gridlock would equal the highest level of salarty each one could attain based on their particular job; also any pork taken should be equaled out in prision time; dollar per day!

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      rommergrot, I figured everyone would think the new pay scale would be too high. Paying them what they actually deserve would put most if not all of them well below poverty. How about this President 20,000 a year, VP 15,000 and everyone else 10,000 is that a better pay scale :)

    • profile image

      rommergrot 7 years ago

      Seems to me, given past job performance, that your new payscale may be a tad inflated.

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      Yes there are many, including me that agree with you on that one. Thanks for the comment.

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Oh, I think we could do well without the leadership of our current president.

      Keep on hubbing!