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First Day at The Republican National Convention

Updated on August 25, 2020

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley's speech details.

Nikki Haley first talked about how she supports the Trump administration and approves of another term with him as our president. Saying he has always put America first also stopping us in the United Nations from being a hand out countries where we always gave out help whenever someone out their hands. Nikki than went into how if Biden or the Democratic takes over during these times we can expect giant step towards socialism with their ideas of government controlled healthcare, and their ease towards out of country threats. She goes into how black lives matter especially for the unfortunate black individuals who have been shot, their businesses destroyed, and the general welfare of individuals with all the violence on the streets. Coming from Indian Immigrants she has dealt with struggles trying to grow up with hatred, but she says her family never gave into grievance or hate. The people of South Carolina chose her as their first female governor and minority which she is incredibly proud of. She ends in a story how at a church a white supremacist came into the church to pray while 12 other African Americans joined him, but an hour later he went on a shooting spree. After this tragic event instead of dividing the different races of people in this town they actually banned together to end the racism that existed. Democratic and Republicans need to come together she said for us to make it though these trying times.


Nikki Haley wants the fighting to stop on the streets, and believes that Trump is the best thing for the country right now with his steadfast stance for the United States. A unification from all this fighting is going to solve our problems instead of being divided in every issue.

Donald Trump Jr. Speech at the Convention.

He first talks about how the Chinese Communist Party was responsible for the virus striking like it did. He went on to say how his father the president even though he was being chastised by Joe Biden and his Democratic allies for closing down travel to China so quickly. The president was called a racist for doing so. Donald Trump Jr. went into saying the president did everything he could to provide hospital with much need equipment and the nation's workers with what they needed right now which is an open economy. He mentions how the Democratic were against him in all his decisions since they wanted tax breaks for the wealthy and Democratic states. Another thing he brings up is that the Chinese Communist Party supports Biden for president because he they know he will bring economic struggles and the world stage. President Trump, he said, has the best interest of the middle class always and that the United States will rise above any problem that may arise. During the rioting people have been tearing down racist statues which he believes is the opposite of what America stands for. He thinks that America is based around learning from the past that even though these statues and ideas may be racist that we need them around still to remind us how we have grown. Later he commends the police for as American heroes for all that they do even though there are times where they do something disgraceful like the George Floyd incident. Not funding the police is not an option the nation should take. Safety and security to him is the most important first step for everything that is happening right now. He continues about safety needed for schools and how children are stuck in bad schools because of their zip codes. His father is pro school choice and wants students to be able to attend any school regardless of their location.

Donald Trump Jr. is passionately for a reelection of his father. He believes that what is father has done with the virus and sticking up for the American homes with his ideals about the economy. He wanted the world to know that a vote for Biden or the Democratic Party is a vote for a loss in everything Trump as obtained so far and the decent into darkness.



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