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First Graders Get a Taste of Political Correctness

Updated on October 30, 2015

Baa Baa "Rainbow" Sheep?

An elementary school recently changed the nursery rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep” to what administrators felt was more appropriate for a classroom of first graders. The solution: Change the nursery rhyme by replacing the word "Black" with the word "rainbow".

When asked why they had made the decision, political correctness was cited as their main reason for altering the child's classic nursery rhyme. However, not everyone agreed with the school's judgement call, as some of the parents expressed concern and even anger over the issue.

One worried mother appeared frustrated, believing that removing the word "black" was foolish and served no benefit for six year old's. Anger best describes a fathers reaction who claimed that a "rainbow" is the symbol of the gay community and has no business being in child's nursery rhyme.

Anger and Dis-belief

When asked about the father's feelings about the situation, another concerned parent stated " there seems to be a peculiar connection between changing a seemingly harmless word like "black" for the word "rainbow". I can't see how one could be misinterpreted as racism, yet the other, in no way relates to homosexuality".

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A Hypothetical Conclusion

For parents who still value the same moral standards that their parents and grandparents had, their could be some measure of relief taken from this incident if they knew that the school had apologized, reprimanded the teacher, or at least publicly acknowledged the mistake with a promise that it wouldn't allow such a thing to happen again.

Maybe then the parents would sleep better just knowing their children were safe from the influence of politically correct liberals who obviously thought it was healthy to tempt children into a homosexual lifestyle. Or at least a life where their kids would grow up believing that "black" is something to fear.

Reality Bites

However, in the end, there was no course of action taken by the school. No one was fired or forced to take a paid leave of absence until it all got sorted out. To do so would send a message to the alternative left-wingers that America had regressed back into the 1980's, when we had a president who advocated Christianity, cared about the Constitution and believed in one almighty God. How dare we do such a thing?

Sign Of The Times

We live in progressive times where we're all supposed to conform to the new rules of society, where acceptance represents the framework for living in an age of diversity. However, this situation fails to show any justification which would allow a school to teach six year old's that "black" is bad and should be feared, yet a rainbow in no way relates to the homosexual community.

The school went far beyond any alternative restrictions of moral aptitude by obliterating first grade academics for what appears to be an attempt to teach kids that tolerance of the gay community is simply not enough.

If school administrators ever want any respect from the parents again, it's this type of left-wing, new-age agenda that needs to be dismissed from the daily syllabus in that classroom. The very sad reality of this situation, is that they don't care. Those responsible believe they were right and they will continue brainwashing children through political correctness and by demoralizing our freedom of speech.

It's easy to understand why the parents were so upset when schools take it upon themselves to teach first graders that race is too sensitive to mention, but homosexuality is there to replace it.

Better Know Someone Who Works For The ACLU

Listen up parents, word of advice: If you catch your kids talking about race, make sure you pull them into an underground vault, well out of earshot from anyone who might hear what they're saying. The overly-sensitive will likely consider your child's speech politically incorrect.

Take caution mom's and dad's, those who are offended may protest and demand your child be subjected a forma, public apology. If you refuse, they may have to stand trial for crimes related to their thoughts.

Might be best to keep a good attorney on a retainer. Your child just may need legal representation someday.


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