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First World vs Third World

Updated on October 15, 2013

Note: This is just free association.

Ambition - a strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Desire and determination to achieve success. - Dictionary

In life we need to have ambition. Most ambitions are good because they involve successes. Some ambitions that go beyond successes are evil. Napoleon and Adolf Hitler are perfect examples.

In the modern world:

The majority of people in the developed world are ambitious people. Although some lack ambitions because they live in poverty, those who are exposed to education are aware of what ambition means. Those who lack ambitions are so focused on feeding themselves and their families, they have not the time to think about them. Aside from the basic needs, other issues affect their lack of ambition. The people who poses ambitions have come to the idea because they are introduced to the idea through education or association with ambitious people. The environment and influences they surround themselves with also give rise to ambition.

In the third world:

The majority of third world people lack ambitions. They have not the slightest idea of what ambition is. They are so concentrated and concerned on finding food to feed themselves and their families, they have no time to think about ambition. Another fact that hinders third world people from ambition is the lack of education. Education enables one to enhanced one’s thinking and reasoning. When one exercises one’s mind, the mind is most likely to stem the idea of ambition. People in the third world have to always constantly worry about finding the next meal. People in the developed world, we do not have to worry about our next meal. The most common worries we have in the first world are our bills: shelter rent or mortgage payment and auto payment, credit card etc.

The differences between developed world and third world.

The majority of people in the developed world do not owned their homes. They do not own land. Some own homes and lands. And some can work their way up to buy homes and land, but most live in poverty and do not own homes or unable to own them. Unlike the developed world, people in the third world own lands and homes. They can build their homes anywhere they choose too. Although their homes are mostly made of shack and huts, they do not have to pay a mortgage or rent. People in the first world do not have to worry about where to find their next meal. They have what we call “money/legal tender notes," a very valuable exchange commodity. They can just go to fast food restaurant or grocery store and buy their next meal. Unlike us, people in the third world lack the means to buy their next meal. They have to find it, either in the forest or from their livestock. They can go into the forest to hunt, fish or gather food. They can grow organic foods. In the first world, we all have to work for one common exchange value: money. Money gives us a wide range of options. In our developed world, money is more important than food. In contrast, people in the third world do not necessarily need money to get food. They need money for other things but not food. They can buy food if they want to, but they rather buy more important things that they can't grow or make. Food, they can grow, raise livestock, hunt, fish or gather.


People in the first world work in occupations that pay money. They work in occupations that required them to trade in a certain amount of hours for money. They are like slaves. They work for a company or corporation. They work for someone else like a master. They have to obey and do as being told or else they lose their jobs. Losing their jobs mean no income: money. NO money, means not options. No food. No shelter. They are afraid to loose their jobs.

In the third world, most people are their own bosses. Examples are farmers. They do have to work harder in the sun, but they be their own bosses. They can choose to go to work today or not to go. They can go to work really early or late. They can choose to work fast or take their time. No one can tell them. No one can fire them. And if the farmers choose to work hard, the more food they’ll have to eat. Farmers work for themselves. They can raise livestock. They can grow foods. Or they can choose to trade hours for money. But this option is very limited in the undeveloped world.


Life in the first world is more stressful than life in the third world. We are so concentrated and focus on making money, we sometimes forget to live normally.


The majority of people in the first world are in debt. Money is debt. Money gives you debt. Money puts you in debt. Money is a form of control. Believe or not, but money is a form of control. The World Bank, monetary system, U.S. federal reserve created the "legal tender note' to control the people.


People in the developed world have a longer life expectancy. The reasons are less diseases. Cleaner sanitation. Proper and healthy methods of treating waste: human and livestock feces. Advanced medical professionals, technology and hospitals. More effective medicines.

In the third world, life expectancy are lower. People suffer from all kind of diseases due to lack of sanitation. People dropped their feces behind the bushes. Animal litter their feces all over town. Little or few health professionals, doctors and hospitals. Lack of medical technology. Lack of medicines.

Law and Order:

(More to come...)


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    • pramodgokhale profile image

      pramodgokhale 5 years ago from Pune( India)

      First world and Third world, comparison unwanted here.I am an Indian and my country falls in group of third world.

      Societies in the third world are mostly illiterate and needs education then dictators or authoritarian regimes are never development oriented, imposed restrictions and were prompted by super power America to continue tortures.

      Yes we lack some virtues as you claim for the first world you have it.

      India and China were the powers till 15th century and Europe was not able to make cloths, we supplied but that is history.We lost touch with science , isolated and insulated ourselves.

      It is necessary to do serious introspection , then third world can improve or will walk to develop their own.