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Fiscal Cliff or Planned Mayhem?

Updated on December 31, 2012


By Accident or Design?
By Accident or Design? | Source

Principles or Precipice?

What is going on in American Politics?

The whole world is being told that the United States are teetering on a financial cliff of disaster, yet the politicians are doing nothing.

They are meeting on the last day of the year to try and stop something from happening on the first day of the year. This surely is madness, or is it?

It is thought by many that there are a few very wealthy elitist bankers; some call the N.W.O., that in reality “own” the politicians, could this be true?

Actually, it is starting to look like it may be true.

Politicians, who have supposedly been elected to serve the electoral, delay in taking actions to protect the people from a financial breakdown: why?

To answer that we must first look at the so called goals of these elitists.

The Goals

It is said that the “goals” of the N.W.O. is to gain control of all the Earths wealth and all the people.

They have already partially succeeded in controlling the wealth. They control the Federal Reserve.

Think about it: The United States Dollar is the global currency, yet it is controlled by a handful of PRIVATE bankers. This means that this handful of people can manipulate monetary matters across the globe. They do not though, have total control: YET.

To have total control, they need for the dollar to collapse and be replaced by a currency that they completely own. Some say that the new currency is already waiting in the wings to be introduced after the US slips off of the approaching cliff.

As for the control of the people: Fate has been on the side of the N.W.O.

After several natural disasters, legislation has been able to be put in place by the “puppet” politicians, where privately controlled militias, such as FEMA, out rank both military and police. Further to this, the unfortunate events at Sandy Hook have encouraged a call for disarming the rest of America.

The Outcome

So the scenario is set.

Perhaps by mid 2013 the play will start.

The nation goes over the fiscal cliff and unrest abounds.

The populace, faced with a dollar that is virtually worthless, call on bankers to help. They do by introducing THEIR currency but not all are happy. Unrest continues and so the privately owned militias step in to “police” the martial law put in place by the “puppets”.

The take over of the United States is complete. History once again repeats itself and we witness the self destruction of a mighty Empire.

The effects on the rest of the World are endemic.

First the collapse into chaos of those countries dependent on the US dollar. The new currency, with its owners, will be their savior.

Other countries will falter and have to reluctantly trade with the new currency but by then the rot would have already set.

The World will bow to the new currency which is supported by the wealth the elite have previously invested in oil, minerals, Gold and food staples.

Oh yes, the elite already have the wealth but cannot yet use it to completely control the people and it is that, that may start to change in 2013.

So are the politicians just obediently playing their role?

Is the so called fiscal cliff just a piece of well planned mayhem?


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