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Five Things We, As A Society, Should Fix

Updated on February 3, 2012


This is a straight forward list of five different things that we desperately need to change in order to grow as a society. The great news is all of these things are easily changed, if we’d just buckle down as a whole, united form and raised the next generation differently, these problems could be all but eradicated. The bad news is, that’ll never happen. You can’t mess with free will, and some people simply don’t want change. They have every right to not want that change, but I can’t help but feel that if we all sat down and decided to do this that the United States of America would be better in the long run. Maybe even actually United once again. On topic, here are five things that desperately need to stop, or be changed, or just general attitudes we need to get rid of, I hope you enjoy the read, and walk away with something to think about.




This is very obviously a huge problem in a Country where it simply shouldn’t be. This was part of the reasoning for the founding of this Country in the first place, equal rights for all, all men should be treated equally. We’ve lost that foundation, and it’s quite sad. It is a fixable solution, for the most part. Free will dictates that it would never be fully and completely eradicated, but we can drastically reduce it if we could only stand united in its cause. Unfortunately, that would mean sacrifices that some are simply not willing to give, understandably so in some cases, but I personally think that the long term benefits would be worth it. We really just need to stop categorizing ourselves and each other.

We grew up learning the difference between Blacks and Whites, Asians and Arabs. Why? We are all the same, all equal. If we’d eliminate categories like African-Americans, Native-Americans, etc. and raised the next generation with the, ‘We are all simply Americans’ attitude, we could do much to eliminate discrimination. This would, unfortunately for some, mean giving up certain benefits that any particular ethnic group may have. No more reparations paid to Native-Americans, no more scholarships given exclusively to African-Americans.

Full disclosure on this, I am a Caucasian male, no I’m not racist, nor jealous of these programs, I understand their purpose and in any other circumstance would never suggest their removal, but when the reward offered is a future where these things would never be needed in the first place, how could one not think about giving these up? A lot of people don’t realize how much a person’s childhood affects that person’s attitude and demeanor. Just about any impressions we have were developed because of what we were told, and the environment in which we were raised. If you grew up being told there was no difference at all between skin colors, that everyone was American, and their skin color didn’t matter, you wouldn’t think twice about it. If there were no indicators around you to suggest that these things are different in any way, it would just be another thing that is the way it is.

Our Attitude Towards Sex

The thought of your children, or any children having sex is difficult to bear. I understand that completely, while I have no kids as of yet, I am fully aware of exactly how I will approach this topic when it comes up. While there is no reason whatsoever that kids of 13 or 14 should be having sex, it happens, and we are partially to blame. I realize that, more than likely, we were raised with the thought that sex is a taboo thing. It was something our elders swept under a rug, and covered up, because they were uncomfortable talking about it. Understandably so, their elders were likely just as uncomfortable, so they never learned how to face the situation, or how to explain to their own kids.

My point comes down to the simple fact that forbidden fruit is always sweeter. Were you ever told not to open something, or look in anything particular, and then left in the room alone, with no supervision, and no cameras or anything. What did you do? You probably ran to whatever it was, and looked, than ran back to where you were and acted like nothing ever happened. You’d probably do it today if you were put in that situation. I fully believe that the epidemic that seems to be underage sex nowadays is caused by our attitude towards it. We need to face the bare facts of sex. It’s a completely natural thing that people do when they are old and mature enough, everyone wants to do it, everyone does it at some point in their life. It’s a completely natural, human thing to do. In bare bones format, so to speak, it’s really not any different than eating or drinking. We all do it, we all like it, and we each have different tastes. We need to remember this when confronted. Just sit the kid down, and explain the absolute basics of sex. How exactly to go about that, I must confess, is something I’ve not yet decided. I have a bit of time to figure that out.

This of course, as with all thing, will not magically erase sexual relations among teenagers, but I have a mind to believe it can and would stifle the rate of occurrences, or even have them realize the importance of contraception more so and at least prevent more teen births, which frankly, can be rather destructive to a kid’s life, whether or not it’s intended.



Educational System

Ah, the educational system. I’ve not a problem so much with teacher selection or treatment, but the way the raw concept of schools has been handled as of late. Schools need money to operate, this is a pure fact, anything needs money to operate, this cannot be avoided. However, the distribution of the money needed among schools is decided in an ineffective way. Money is distributed among the local schools based on attendance and an averaging of standardized test scores. This means that teachers are pressured into teaching specific material, material that is guessed to be on the upcoming standardized test, so that scores will improve, and the district will be provided with more monetary assistance. This is of no fault of the schools, or the teachers, but the system.

A better way to go about this would be to provide money to schools based on total number of enrollees, instead of attendance, and while the tests could still be a part of the decision, I can’t help but feel the struggling schools should be provided with a slightly higher allowance than those succeeding. I understand that the money is meant to be incentive for the schools and teachers to work harder, but the fact is that when a school struggles on test scores, and their money is decreased, threatening the establishment, they buckle down on what may be on the test, and nothing more. They focus extremely on possible test questions, and the quality of the provided education declines. Many students end up not learning basic common sense knowledge, because of the focus on the next test. We need to be more involved in this entire process, from start to finish.

This is a bit more complicated to solve than the other things in this list, but I think that if we (Parents, Teachers, Board Members, even people without children) sat down collectively and decided the most important things we should be teaching. Things that are fundamental to the growth of the students, and focus purely on providing them with the knowledge for a successful, personal future, and based the tests and lesson plans around these things, that everyone decides together, we can improve the whole system. Granted, tests are already designed around quizzing essential information, but the system right now simply doesn’t work. It needs changed, and working out the lesson plans first, and deciding the more essential information before issuing any condescending tests seems the best way to fix it. How many times in school did you spend a month learning a certain topic, than when the test was passed out to you, it seemed like absolutely nothing you had spent all that time studying was relevant, and it almost seemed like the very test was designed around a different topic altogether? For me, too often, and I’m willing to bet I’m not alone.

'Curse Words'

This is really much more personal opinion than anything else. I don’t see the point in chastising kids, or anyone for that matter, for simply making a choice on what word they use to describe feelings. Hubpages has a policy of no swearing, which I respect. Your house, your rules so to speak, I fully accept that. I just don’t understand the superstition surrounding swear words. What makes butt any better than the alternative? They mean the same thing.

Racial slurs are understandably taboo, they are a completely different category, but for things that mean exactly the same thing as other words, and carry the exact same intent with them than those other words, I just don’t understand it. Who sat down and decided one day that this was the English language, but this group of words here, out of all the other words, are publicly unacceptable, and should never be spoken by those underage, and why do we support this? Swear words are only a problem because we were told they are bad.

Going into the future, I’d like to see these be completely integrated as a part of everyday diction, or completely eradicated as if they never existed. What is the point in giving these words the satisfaction of being somehow more insulting than their counterparts? Why even bother relaying to our young that these words are somehow worse than other words with the same meaning, intent, and use. They will only take them and use them as added insult to others. This is something everyone needs to sit down and decide, either do away with these ‘curse words’ completely, and never utter them again, or just get over them, accept them as they are, and disregard any significance we may have thought they had in the past. They are just words, and if we accept that fact, instead of constantly relaying, generation to generation, that these words are horrible things, they wouldn’t even be a problem to begin with. It’s just extra baggage that we insist on carrying along for no other reason than it’s what we were told growing up.

On Parenting

This is something that I’ve addressed all throughout this hub. Simply by changing the way we raise our children, and the attitude we carry when around the next generation, we can eradicate much of the negative that plagues our great country. Simple as that, except it’s not. More to the point, the parenting in this country, particularly in some areas, is deplorable.

I’d like to point out that children are far more than a source of government income, as some seem content to believe. I do live in a low income area, and this may very well be much of the reason, but it is far too often I see parents that just don’t seem to care. They don’t watch their kids, and they certainly make no attempt to punish their children if they act out. We see an increase of bullying, harassment, and general criminal activity because of this. Pay attention to your kids. You were a kid once, you know the signs, and when confronted with a problem, you must hold your child responsible. Yes, he or she is just a child, but I can assure that child is fully aware of his/her actions, and it is your duty to make him/her aware of the consequences of those actions.

I am only 23, I’m still fairly young, and I remember very clearly testing the waters. What can I get away with, where is the line. If there was no line, who knows what I’d have done, or who I’d have turned into. You have an obligation to set a line for that kid, and do your best to rightfully punish any unsatisfactory decisions. Obviously, you have a line as well, you can’t assault the kid, but I see no problem with a swift smack on the behind for particularly malevolent or repeated infractions. I plan to do as such with my children. Just keep in mind, that while you do have the authority and obligation to correct your child’s behavior, you also have the obligation to monitor your own. I think a lot of the seemingly lack of parenting is the inability to see where this line is. This may be blamed in part on the strict ruling of the government, which is content to intervene in the smallest cases, and I understand how that would make someone hesitant. However, it’s really easy to judge what you should and shouldn’t do. You should never hit a child out of pure anger, this much is obvious, but I don’t see anything wrong with a smack on the butt with the intention of bettering that kid and his future actions.

In Summation

I understand that as a 23 year old white male, with no kids, much of my own preaching above doesn’t apply to me, while this may seem a bit of a hypocrisy on my part, I assure you it’s not, I wouldn’t change anything about my opinions were I in any other situation. I pride myself on having a very open mind, and the ability to see things subjectively, and of a common mindset. That having been said, I understand that not everything I have written is agreeable to every person, and I completely accept that, as I do with any opinion I form of my own independence. We’ve brought ourselves to some considerably dark times in this country, the above possibly being the lesser of a plethora of major issues surrounding our Country, but I wanted to show that these problems, albeit unlikely, could be solved if we just showed the unification and comraderie that our forefathers had when the founded this Country.

Do you think our society could ever stand together as one to fix, or improve on any of these problems?

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    • RobinBull profile image

      Robin Bull 4 years ago from Moore, Oklahoma

      Here's the thing with being taught the "difference" between races (colors or whatever you want to call it). We do it and we call it being "culturally aware" instead of thinking it will cause race division. It can definitely cause division. Racism itself is taught. Children can notice people look different on their own. Whether or not they like someone based on their skin tone or background is learned behavior.


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