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Flame of Disagreement

Updated on October 28, 2009

Flame of Disunity

Flame of Disagreement

When the strength of a leader is not established very often, one of his subordinate who is there to cover him will aspire for his position to be the next in control of the nation, city or state. In fact, it is almost inevitable, as we have observed that to be true, especially in the politics of the third world, where governmental subordinates, who for political gain disrobe their set man in the hope of becoming the next self-made tyrant.

And so leadership has to be on constant guard and resist the spirit of the Biblical Absalom and thereby destroy the flame of disunity. Men and women must come to the knowledge that because you speak like Apollos, who handled the scriptures masterfully, yet God’s grace was not on him to be a chief Apostle, but on Paul. And so it comes back to the statement, “know where you fit”.

Nowadays, the government makes it so easy for comedians, for they don’t have to create jokes but merely watch the government and report the facts. And at times I wonder if all this opposition in our political environment is not fabricated so as to give someone an audience. There is old saying that, ‘If you want to have audiences, start a fight’.

And this madness is not stationery to political governments but perplexity is added to when we note that this same struggle is finding its way into religious organizations.

The solution for this madness is that the benefactors of these faiths must know where God has placed them and be in agreement with the purpose of God and go with God’s flow.

For example in the Old Testament, Jachin and Boaz the two pillars in the front of the temple had to be in place, standing as a sign that the temple is in order and agreement. (Jachin, Hebrew; “he will establish” and Boaz, “in him is strength”. Both pillars have to be present because they compliment each other.

We also that are of the Christian faith know that the Holy Spirit is in agreement with the Son of God and they are both in agreement with the Father. Likewise, the word of the Lord establishes the converted one and His Spirit strengthen. Lack of agreement disintegrates the very act of communion causing it to become useless noise, bal-yal

In the Church, in order for lack of agreement to be exposed and destroyed, the prayer leadership has to define what characteristics they expect from their subordinates in order to have agreement. One of the ways of finding out whether a subordinate is qualified for the next level is to promote him adjacent to the leader and as time proceed the hidden agendas of his heart will begin to become noticeable.

Now it is up to the leader to be discerning and deal with the situation. The Bible says to, ‘cast out the scorner and contention will cease’.

If the leader however fails to deal with the situation, it will become a series of events of which the leader becomes questionable. There must be agreement in any industry, home, partnership, church assembly or any structured facility that aims to maintain proper growth.

Pride is one of the main reasons for lack of agreement.

Pride will never reveal to you the negative result of its treason rather it will allow you to anticipate victory. There is a saying that, ‘the devil forgot to tell you’. Of course he does not have the mind of God so he doesn't know himself.

God will never let His body be under the domination of pride, whether it is the leaders pride or the one who has dreams of taking over.

If the leadership has allowed the spirit of pride to enter Gods domain, then the only voice from the Kingdom of Heaven will be to repent of the pride in his heart. Of course there will be other voices bringing a word that may be relevant to other ministries but not to the one who has been shut off because of pride. Pride is the author of rebellion and a motivator of witchcraft.


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