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Flint residents forced to pay higher than any for water, while corporation gets tax breaks

Updated on February 21, 2016

For this article you need to take out last month’s water bill. After doing so multiply your total bill by 12. If it is less than $864 on average and you haven’t gotten lead poisoning you are getting an excellent deal. Sadly the people of Flint Michigan have been forced to pay outrageous rates since last april. These were the highest national rates until August 2015 when it took a judge's order to reduce the water and sewer rates by 35%. Before the the judge's orders this generated $900,000 systemwide according to the attorney, Valdemar L Washington a retired state judge, who filed the two lawsuits.

The former judge was also quoted saying “I didn’t need a study to tell me I was paying the highest bills.” He continued with “All I had to do was look at my water bills.” He then added “Even in Phoenix, where there’s a desert, they don’t pay as much as we do out here. And we’re surrounded by the Great Lakes. What’s going on?”

What is going on is indeed the question. After the residents of Flint had to drink polluted water, that they were paying exorbitant amounts for, which might have caused permanent damage to their children we see the double standard of the state.

“They’ve been using that money improperly for years to fund the general operations of the city,”. When less than 200 miles away Nestle has been getting water for free from lake Michigan. The company even received a 13 million dollar tax break to do so. The Switzerland corporation turned a 15 million dollar profit last year.

The fight is not over though. Peggy case president of Michigan Citizens for water Conservation sued nestle who fought them for years. “This lasted for—like I said before, this lasted for eight years. And in that time, with lawyer fees and, you know, all the fees that come with going to court, we spent over $1 million.” Says Peggy. And after all this did Nestle have to stop pulling water from lake michigan for free?

No they only had to reduce their withdrawals from 400 to 200 gallons a minute. That is what the “justice” system has decided in Michigan.



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