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Fly High and Bring Out Your Best

Updated on August 7, 2015

Some people get their natural high from music, food, laughing, or even the sight of the cute girl or boy next door.

And then there are others who take pleasure in submitting themselves to danger via extreme sports like ziplining (a sport that takes from one location to another, using a cable and a pulley). Given that participation in these activities is equivalent to putting your life on the line, you have to wonder what's so special about them.

A study published in the Journal of Health Psychology revealed that engaging in extreme sports or outdoor physical activities that involve a higher level of difficulty and risk than the usual recreational sports like golf and ultimately overcoming it. It boosts your self confidence and gives you a sense of achievement. Aside from the stress relief, physical fitness, adrenaline rush, connection to nature, and fun it brings, it gives you that feeling that you can handle any obstacle that comes your way, that you are capable of anything. This was based on a series of interviews with 15 thrill-seeking athletes who conquered their choice of (risky) sport.

According to research, the fearless behavior you develop when you're flying across the top of the mountain while taking in the scenery below can also be derived in normal, everyday activities that scare the hell out of you and that you plan to eventually conquer, whether speaking in front of the class or performing in front of the whole school population.


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