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Focused On Obamacare, Ann Curry Getting Fired? Here’s Why I Think We Should All Focus On Our Abs Instead!

Updated on June 29, 2012

In these times when every twitter and Facebook post seems to be about the upcoming presidential elections, Obamacare, Ann Curry getting fired from the Today show, it seems to me we’re all losing focus on what we should be worried about, our abs. Focused on Obamacare, Ann Curry Getting Fired? Here’s why I think we should all be focused on our abs instead! – Don’t Get Me Started!

All day yesterday I had to read as my “friends” fought it out on Facebook and Twitter. “If Ann Curry was a man…” well, she’s not folks so stop with that ridiculous argument. I love me some Ann Curry but she always seemed a bit uncomfortable in the co-host role to me. And if she’s really walking away with a $10 Million dollar check in her pocket and a job then I don’t think Ann Curry needs all of us worrying so much about her. Meanwhile the firestorm of crap from all sides of the healthcare debate is just dumb. That’s right, there’s my one word answer for all of you who are posting everything from we’re living in a dictatorship to now all people will live to be 2,000 because healthcare has been reformed. You’re all wrong, on my nerves and dumb.

What I would suggest my lovely Cheetohs stained finger friends who are spending almost your entire time in life posting, re-posting other people’s posts and cartoons about the issues is that you spend your time and fired-upness on something that you can really do something about…your abs. That’s right, summer is still here and those of you (men and women alike) seem to throw all sense of your abs out the window as you go ahead and wear that shirt that is way too tight and too small for you revealing that you’ve been way too worried about Ann Curry to work out, eat right and give the rest of our retinas a break.

Go ahead, tell me I’m superficial and that your post on the 5 reasons Obama is responsible for the Mayan calendar ending our world because he’s now gay after “coming out” for gay marriage is so much more important than your abs but I won’t believe you. I myself struggle with abs that will not comply with my vision of how they should look but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to get those suckers into shape. Sure, I’m at an age where the only thing I ask for as a birthday gift is metabolism but I still shelp myself to the gym a few times a week in an effort to try and get these abs in shape. (I also wear clothes that fit so no one else has to be subjected to looking at my fattitude around the middle.)

Look, I know this won’t stop you from posting what you think are insightful and pithy comments, hubs, etc. about the issues at large but at least while you were reading this you were kinda sucking in or feeling your abs a bit…go ahead, you can admit it. And for these few moments you’ve thought of something other than posting a post that will get on all our nerves. My job here is done.


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    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 5 years ago

      Good Morning Mr. Java-Pal! Yes, that was me sucking in my abs as I was reading "get your priorities in order" people! It was nice of you to share a photo of your abs in your opening photo! Good work! Blessings, Earth Angel!

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Curry or Obama, it is the same combat, keep their current position. We don't make a big deal when whoever else is fired, why would I care about Curry? What does she bring in my life that is worth of keeping her? What did Obama bring to the people to deserve to be reelected like Cesar Chavez? The constituents judge their representative through their actions! Why did he let the supreme court decide for the people's interests? The people are the ones directly concerned. Why to openly support gay rights, only now? Why make an infinitesimal breach in the immigration law, now? Only because he wants to keep his seat?