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Fodder for thought

Updated on June 21, 2014

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When Andhra Pradesh was to be bifurcated

There seems to be much Song and Dance about TelenGAANA. This unending CONG and Dance about adding a new state (to the already existing State of Confusion), gives UPA the feeling that they have gained an Up(p)a hand. The Cong ‘AP’tite for power knows no bounds. They seem to be spicing up their 2014 chances with loads of Avakkai and Gongura, not knowing that this could burn their backsides the morning after, adding to their already existing ‘piles’ of woes! (One must remember that cuts could lead to ‘fissures’!) With this, the Cong seem to have had the BJP for breakfast over a nutritious ‘vote’meal, (which to me, is a ‘Quaker’ of a breakfast!).

That literally leaves the rest with a ‘Wada’, (Vijayawada, I mean) and that too, with a gaping hole in it! For years, the centre had been ignoring the pestering ‘pesterattu’ protestors calls saying “what can Naidu” and, now that they are Reddy, didn’t wait a minute longer, thereby converting the Kamma into a full stop! They somehow feel they will be given a ‘Rao’sing welcome now that the Royal-Seema Rekha has been drawn! One thing for sure, the diplomatically convenient motive behind sharing the capital is ‘either a bad’ decision or ‘Either-a-bad’ one!

Worse still, if they convert Hyderabad into an ‘Onion’ territory, it would be something to cry about! Such moves may be ‘Capital’ gains for some, but a massive drain on the exchequer. For the Central Government and for Telengana, this could prove to be a very ‘coast’ly decision. Negotiations would now start over the sharing of Krishna and Godavari in what would be known as a ‘Rivers’ auction.

The Kuchipudi dance of joy is bound to be short lived both in terms of the jingle of the ‘Ghunghrus’ and the taste of the ‘Ghonghura’. We do hope that such selfish politics do not plunge our great nation into darkness and be known as ‘Andhera’ Pradesh. We further hope that the ‘GULTI’ conscience will prick their mind and their vote bank in the coming election!

Leadership Crisis in the country

During the 1965 Indo-Pak war, the then US President Johnson sent a tough missive demanding that India stop the war and warning if India did not relent then the US would stop providing wheat to the country under the PL-480 agreement. India used to import wheat at that time to meet the domestic requirement.

The same day, the then P.M. Lal Bahadur Shastri asked his wife not to cook food for the family in the evening. When she inquired as to what was the cause, he explained that he wanted to know whether his family members could withstand hunger for half –a-day. "I must know how it feels before asking the countrymen to forgo one meal every week to meet the situation”. The next day Shastriji addressed the nation on the All India Radio exhorting the people to skip one meal as the country was going through crisis. And to quote him, “We may go hungry, but not bow before the US". And guess what, almost the whole nation would fast every Monday along with Shastriji.

Today when our P.M. ManMohan Singh asked the “aam admi” to cut down on fuel expenses and start using public transport, as the country was again facing the worst of crisis, everyone laughed him off.

That was 'HIS' leadership and this is 'his' leadership

When AAP won 28 seats in Delhi assembly elections in 2013

Sheila ki na gali hai daal
jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

Arvind bana hai desh ka laal
Bhai jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

AAP ka failega ab jaal
Jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

Shivraj ki bhi chal gayi chaal
Par Jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

Raman ke khade ho gaye baal
par jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

Rajasthan mein CONGRESS hui halaal
Par Jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

Mizoram ka bhi koi poocho haal
Bhai jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

Baar baar yahi kahe Kunal
Jhaadu ne hai kiya kamaal

Because we must pay it forward

Because we must Pay it Forward:

The first 7 people who comment on this status indicating their inclusion say ''I am in'' or anything of that sort, will receive a surprise from me at some point in this calendar year. It could be anything: something crocheted, brownies, a book, music, a visit... Anything.

There will be no warning and it will happen in its own time, when I find the perfect moment and deed that I believe will suit you and make you happy.

These seven people must make the same offer in their FB status and distribute their own brand of joy. I chose to surprise seven people, but I've seen people do five and someone do 20.

Feel free to go with any number, but no less than five. Copy this text onto your profile, (don't share) so we can form a web of connection and kindness. Let's do more nice and loving things for each other in 2014, without any other reason than to make each other smile and show we think of each other

Lok Sabha Elections - 2014

Voting begins in the world's largest democracy…a special day when "we the people" are made to matter. But who will make it in the end? The Aam Aadmi party? The Ram Aadmi Party (BJP)? Or the Naam Aadmi Party (Congress)? If only the Aam Aadmi party had used their stint in Delhi to demonstrate that they are also a Kaam Aadmi party. If only the Ram Aadmi party demonstrated that they loved Rahim as much as they did Ram. And if only the Naam Aadmi party was less about name (and pedigree) and more about merit.

Does God exist?

Ingenious reasoning

"If you believe in god, and he turns out to exist then you obviously have made a good decision; however, if he does not exist and you still believe in him, you haven’t lost anything; but if you don’t believe in him and he does exist, then you are in serious trouble" - Blaise Pascal

Rising inequality in India

Ram and Shyam were two twin brothers . When both grew up Ram decided to do farming on his ancestral land and Shyam decided to open a 'kirana store' in the nearby city with the money he got after selling his part of ancestral land. This happened almost around the time when India was liberalised i.e. 1990-91. And as the fate would have it, even though , both of them started with equal wealth, today after 24 years, Shyam is earning 5 times more than his twin brother, Ram and if things go on the same way, by 2025 the difference in their income would be more than the difference between the salary of the President of India and that of a 4th grade Govt. peon.

The skewed growth rate of a meagre 2.8% in agriculture and a huge 9.87% in the service sector has led to this lopsided picture. This is the appalling picture of Indian growth scenario where the rich is certainly getting richer and the farmers who feed the nation can't even make their both ends meet !

Secularism and Us

In my ancestral village ,' Ladusar' in Jhunjhunu district ,Muslims are more than half of the total population. And if I were to go by what my father has to say, Hindus and Muslims have stayed there as brothers for Decades. They lend each other money in times of distress, they attend marriages of each others' sons and daughters , cultivate the land together and have even formed relations as 'dharm-bhai' and 'dharm-behan' among each other . Every year my village successfully celebrates a fair of 'Gusaiji maharaj' , the local hindu deity but not without the help of Muslims. And the only time when their paths diverge is when they pray. Only that If they face west towards Mecca during Namaz, our temples have entrance doors towards East.

Go to Ajmer Sharif. The Hindu pilgrims outnumber the Muslims by atleast 4:1 there. And nothing tears that fabric apart. Nothing(Not even the bombs detonated by perpetrators from Pakistan) . Manganyiars ; a caste of muslims in Rajasthan earn their living by singing. And you know what they sing? They sing Bhajans of Lord Ram and other hindu deities !!

Although we have had ups and down but we have lived together for almost a millennium .And where in the mortal world quarrels don’t happen? Even twins born out of the womb of same mother fight with each other! The question then is how can a bond of a millennium years be exploited for sectarian and petty gains by handful of people . It is not the bond which is weak, infact it is we who are weak to let ourselves exploited for abhorrent vote bank politics.

It's time we remind ourselves that Indian flag has equal proportions of both Saffron and Green. Time that we remind ourselves that no one can divide , discriminate and differentiate asking just this question. Tilak on the forehead ? or absence of foreskin?


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