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Food Stamps Are Broken, Can They Be Fixed?

Updated on September 1, 2018

The Full Scope on the Situation


Before we continue on with the book I will start by saying that I do not condemn anyone who has needed or needs food assistance programs to survive. The fact of the matter is that this system is completely out of date and needs a complete system reboot if we want to see this program continue in the future. There are several problems that face food stamps today and this book will cover some of those problems and what we need to do in order to fix those problems. I want as many people to read this as humanly possible, so I'm leaving all of the unnecessary dialog at the door for this book. Thank you very much for giving this book a chance.

The Good, The Bad and the Unreliable

Food stamps are a great form of social insurance for those that find themselves needing them. We need food to have the strength to go to work and create wealth so that we'll be able to afford future meals, so having a program such as this makes complete sense. The problem is that this is better used as a short term solution and there are several people in full time employment that still have to rely on this program. They have to rely on this program because the jobs they're working for are either unwilling to or unable to pay living wages that would allow them to be able to afford to eat. If the jobs they're working for simply can not pay a living wage are all the tax payers supposed to be left paying their bill? The answer to this is no.

Incompetence of government employees doesn't help the situation. There are several times where a case worker will get the address wrong for a recipient of food stamps and so they have to spend weeks and possibly months getting their addresses and sometimes the spelling of their names corrected so they can receive their cards. We need to make sure all employees hired for this job are actually intelligent enough to do this line of work. There are also several cases where recipients call a card in lost or stolen and the cards are never reissued when they should have been. Weeks pass and recipients call in wondering why a new card never arrived in the mail and they have to wait up to an additional ten business days before they can eat.

There's also the cases where someone may have all of someone else's information like in Florida where you can change the address on your account over the phone and call in to order that person's card for themselves. They steal their food benefits and a huge inconvenience is created.

Generational Food Stamp Usage and Gaming the System

There are some people who seem to be comfortable living in poverty, so much so they'd like to be on food stamps for the rest of their lives. They pass this life style over to their children and grandchildren. One way we can fix this problem is to update the school system where if you're not suited for college, you can still train into a trade you're better suited for. A person who's educated into a trade that's in demand will always have work and that should stop the generational food stamp cycle. On the other hand there are those that lie about their assets to get free food. They're able to get away with this since their jobs are paid under the table and they don't even pay taxes on those wages like the rest of us. A solution would be to have all food stamp recipients to have monthly career meetings so we can see their progress on finding a job or building a career that will enable them to afford to quit the program permanently. These meetings wouldn't be mandatory for elderly, children or the disabled. They would be mandatory for able bodied people to keep their benefits though.

We Need to Step Up and Create a Step Down Program That Works

The only way we can make food stamps a short term program is to create jobs that can and will pay the amount that someone would need in order to support a family as well as save for retirement. These jobs are obviously not going to be in grocery stores or any business involving retail. Yes that does include fast food. Fast food restaurants can not and will not pay a living wage, so the fry cook position needs to be off the table for this category of worker.

In this case we need to encourage food stamp recipients to take up trades that can pay a living wage that they require in order to be able to afford to live and eat. The list of jobs and careers here require little training or trade school. Apprenticeship programs would be helpful for some of these jobs as they're in high demand and short supply.



Brick Mason


Food Service Manager/Caterer

Technical Writing

Dental hygienist


Postmasters (E-commerce has made package delivery jobs high in demand.)

Ship Pilots

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator


The solution for the government employees being incompetent is to pay a living wage for those that are working this job and to raise the bar on how well they should be performing. Smart people won't stay in a job that can not meet their financial needs and they will simply move to another line of work or a different trade. They need to have satisfactory levels of competence as well as reading and writing skills, Customer service experience as well as the ability to listen. The software is also very outdated and unreliable. It needs one great big update so that we can trust that information can get updated in a timely manner.

Mailing cards seems very unsafe and there are several times where the recipients do not receive the cards. There are also times where the cards are fraudulently issued to the wrong people. We need to have the cards issued in the Food Stamp office to ensure that we can verify that we are issuing cards to the right people as well as being sure that the recipients receive the cards. There are several homeless people without reliable mailing addresses so this should help them out especially.

That brings us to our next problem. If you're homeless it's impossible to get and keep a job. This is a trap for several people because if you can't work you have to get handouts in order to eat. There are things that you can do to earn money as a homeless person. If you have items, services or even digital items such as ebooks that you can sell there is money to be made. You have to know how to sell the items or services you have available though. A temporary housing solution will need to be found for the homeless people so they can get back on their feet and back into the work force.

Trump's Food Box Commentary

If we're putting together boxes of food in place of food stamps we need more raw ingredients that can be assembled into meals. I've put together a list of staple items that would prove cheap as well as efficient in helping people eat while they're looking for employment or better employment that can pay a living wage. These food boxes need to cover all the food groups, but shouldn't require an abundance of unnecessary junk food. Education booklets on healthy diet would also be a good addition.


Powdered Milk






Peanut Butter

Frozen vegetables

Canned meats

Canned vegetables

Vegetable oil



Unhealthy Food Choices Create Poverty

An unhealthy body equals and unhealthy mind and an inability to create wealth. Sodas, candy and desserts should not be allowed to be purchased on food stamps.

Single Parents Solution

The amount of single parents have been growing at an alarming rate. These citizens are responsible for taking care of and raising a great portion of our next generation. Babies and children NEED ATTENTION FROM THEIR BIOLOGICAL PARENTS! If we want a sane and well adjusted future population we'll need to find work and trades that these parents can perform from home so they can attend to their children in a satisfactory manner. A generation of both parents not in the home have left several millennials emotionally crippled and several seek and crave the attention they did not receive growing up.

Disable Recipients

Life is tough for some of us and sometimes we don't have a choice but to rely on others. If there's a trade or career that someone with disabilities is willing and able to learn despite what several people may have told them, in many cases they can achieve their goals. It shouldn't be required of them, but if they're able to do this I'm sure it would be a huge confidence boost to them as well as add a feeling of meaning to their lives. The mentally ill and/or handicapped may have a problem with this, but if they'd like to try and do something productive with their time there should be more people guiding them on this matter.

Elderly Recipients

Obviously the only solution here is to take care of them. Most elderly people in this situation are unable to learn a new trade or job even perform said trade or job. Their bodies have aged and are unable to perform the way they used to.


Food stamps are an essential temporary program, but won't help anyone unless we have an efficient step down program that will allow recipients to leave to program permanently. We need more competence in the work places that are responsible for this program. Homelessness needs a solution involving temporary housing so that they can get back on their feet. Trump's food boxes may be a good idea depending on what the contents of the boxes are and how often the boxes are provided. If you're a single parent there is no excuse for you not to find some form of work or labor that you can use to pay the bills. I hope you found this to be information as well as educational.


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