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Food Terrorist

Updated on December 20, 2010

While I was watching The Batman on the Boomerrang Channel, I was reminded by the Michael Keaton’s first Batman movie were the Joker was contaminating beauty products to kill people. As certain products combined on people then the poison kicks in causing people to laugh themselves to death. I was reminded of this clearly for as I was watching The Batman, I was also chewing on some Hubba Bubba Glob bubble gum. 

The WM Wrigley Jr. Company is in Chicago but the gum is made in Tunisia. To be honest I do not know about other companies and the food products they make. If it is made in America or shipped in from other countries. To give a better example of the point I am trying to make is this.

A while back in China, companies had sold milk powder tainted with the industrial chemical melamine to not only other companies in China but to other surrounding nations as well. The milk powder was used for candies, baby products, dairy products and so forth. Many elderly and babies became sick and or died from this. Many countries still refuse to import Chinese food items. All the while there was an attempted cover-up where the Chinese government sent a few people to jail or had them killed.

If terrorist are trying to attack America, it would make since to apply for jobs in these types of companies that produce their food products overseas and shipped into America. Easily getting a degree in chemistry in any major education system. Creating different formulas to react to our metabolism that causes heath problems of all types. Something that can be spread to different food products made in different countries and as they enter America or other nations it would not appear in any lab results as dangerous. But when they combine in the body then the heath problems begin to take affect. Weakening the country from within.

All the heath craze of counting calories, exercising and watching how and what you eat is important but it may be time to see where the food is actually coming from and how it is produced. Chinese vegetables were covered in a chemical that was killing many people in other countries a few years ago. Eating a pre-package salad where the contents were grown in another country can be more of a health risk than eating a Big Mac.

Of course this is all a theory of mine.


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