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Food and physical security

Updated on January 19, 2015

Food security

Achieving food security and physical security are primary indicators of prosperity in any nation. To achieve food security, certain factors come into play natural factors and manmade factors:

Natural factors include good weather, availability of water, good soil and land for cultivation and other important factors such as good infrastructure for transportation, markets to sell goods, purchasing power of the consumer.

The latter can be addressed by the government while it can also manage the former; it can provide good infrastructure, provide necessary equipments, and provide a free market system which will generate the economic gains necessary for achievement of this most basic need.

Education for the masses to get necessary skills to make it possible to work in the various industries that work together to create the purchasing power and economic prosperity necessary to achieve the goal of food security.

Having a free market system in which everyone is able to buy and sell with minimal regulation except for self regulation will create a balance for supply and demand sort of equilibrium.

The government’s job is to make these factors work; a great distorter of the system is corruption, which the government needs to deal with to prevent the collapse and wiping out of gains that facilitate faster achievement of the goal.

Physical Security

What is the need of achieving food security to only have the citizen die of disease, crime or war? The protection of the lives and properties of the citizens is not only another factor towards achievement of food security but a primary function of the government alongside the goal of food security.

The government needs to protect the infrastructure from vandalism or have enough health facilities to avoid the death of citizen who will have contributed to the economic development.

The factors coming into play that lead to realization of perfect security for the citizen include:

  • Well equipped health care facilities,

  • Professional police force,

  • Intelligence gathering institution

  • Powerful military force.

  • Justice system

The protection of lives and properties of the citizens can only come about when the government or those in charge dispense justice to the citizen, for peace to prevail justice is necessary. We need to make sure justice in all its forms is highest priority of the government.

A tyrannical and unjust government cannot achieve anything worthwhile and itself is a threat to the physical security of its citizens.

An often overlooked factor that brings about a great disaster to the nation is the loosening of morals in nation; this often leads to drinking too much, gambling, corruption and exploitative economic policies. This is not the responsibility of government per se but of all citizen to make sure for them to experience prosperity they need to have strong morality to avoid cases of accidents, sexually transmitted disease and broken families, abortion and other myriad of social problem which definitely impact in the achievement of the goals of food security and physical security indicators of prosperity.


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