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For the Sake of Children

Updated on January 7, 2013

Wigs for Kids

I find that people often consider one another during certain dates in the year made to commemorate such milestones as being a parent, the birth of Christ, cancer awareness month. I wonder though what happens the rest of the year, well if you have donated even once to any organization be it the ASPCA or the Christian Children’s fund, then you, like me, receive periodical letters asking for more monetary donations. If I am able I give, I am however always plagued by the questions of whether my money is actually going to needy children, what exactly it’s providing and what has caused their hardship. I personally am aware that being from an impoverished country does not mean you are grossly lacking in basic needs. I was born and raised in Dominican Republic until I was 6 years old, and though you may hear Dominican Republic and think vacation destination, it is quite a different world outside of the resorts and tourist towns. However I always had clean water to drink and bathe, I always had my materials for school, I often lived off hand me downs but that is common place in many well established places, homes and communities, some clothes are just made to last.

Well as Christmas was coming around in 2012 I became inspired to do something that I could feel confident about. I wanted to support cancer research or some sort of cancer organization, I couldn't do it financially, honestly I was on the verge of getting evicted at the time. My desire to do something led me to stumble upon a lesser known organization called; Wigs for Kids. Now I know it sounds like a knock off of Locks of Love, which is an organization many people HAVE heard of, and honestly it’s the first thing that comes up on Google search when you type in “donate hair for cancer”. Though these two organizations offer similar services, human hair wigs for children suffering from hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy and a disease called; ALOPECIA which causes children to lose their hair and impedes regrowth. My research uncovered something dreadful in my eyes, Locks of Love uses more of the hair donations for profit, they write it off as necessary to cover the expense of making the hairpieces yet they still charge the families a fee depending on their income level. I was appalled at the fact that I almost cut more than 10 inches of hair off to send to an organization and, there was a high probability it would not even go to a child in need. While Wigs for Kids asks that the hair be at least 10 inches it prefers 12 inches to make sure it is usable, the give the hairpieces to afflicted children through a referral process, for a physician, nurse or case worker. The packages include the hairpiece a Styrofoam head to keep the hairpiece on while not in use and all the tools, including tutorials, on how to properly care for the hair. I am proud to say that I am making the extra effort to strengthen my hair now and help grow to a more suitable, for Wigs for Kids, workable length of 12 inches or longer. It will be a bigger sacrifice for me to chop off such a long ponytail after all the care and effort I am putting into it but at least I know that wigs for kids won’t be swindling me or the families of these children who are already suffering.


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