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Updated on April 4, 2016

Personally I haven't chosen a candidate for this election because I don't really like my options BUT I have been following the election here and there. We all know where this is going Donald Trump. He has taken over the internet for weeks whether you love him or hate him he is probably the topic of everyones discussions at obe point or another. People have called him arrogant, sexist, and have even gone as far as naming him "The next Hitler." It has gone farther than that though because people have even started bashing anyone who supports him.

First Of All....

If you have a right to dislike Trump then his supporters have just as much of a right to like him. Nobody should be made to feel bad about their beliefs. You don't have to like it but constantly attacking him has become disgusting to watch. Celebrities, Other politicians, men, women, and even kids spend so much time spewing out negative opinions of him. Newsflash you don't have to like everyone that is just not realistic, but attacking him every second of every day gets old. Don't like him? Don't follow his campaign. Think he is similar to Hitler? Don't vote for him. It is that simple.Problem solved.

Practice What you Preach.

You can't go around talking about how hateful and low somebody is if you are doing the same thing they are. People who don't support Trump talk about making America love again but if you want that goal you can't pick and choose when to do that. People attend his rallies just to go against him. They protest against him and drag his name through the dirt but then claim to be better then him. If you want to prove that you are better then him than leave him alone. Let him bring on his own destruction and stick his foot in his mouth. Going out of your way to make somebody look bad doesn't say anything about their character but it speaks volumes about yours. Whether you think he the most disgusting person on the planet it is wrong. Never forget the saying two wrongs don't make a right.


He is called shallow and arrogant by people who are more worried about his appearance and money. He has small hands, his hair is terrible, he cares more about money than America these are things I have seen people talk about and they have literally nothing to do with the upcoming elections. Having small hands isn't going to ruin America. I'm pretty sure his comb over isn't going to try to take over the world anytime soon. Therefor those things are completely irrelevant. Focus on the issues like how are we going to create more jobs for Americans? Is terrorism a priority focus if you are voted in to office? If so, how do you plan to combat this issue? Where do they stand when it comes to regulating gun control? These are issues people need to look at not how many wives hes had or the way he acted on television. Focus on the issues don't pick a president just because you like them. Vote for somebody that can improve Americas current condition. Somebody who is good for the country right now. Clinton may be an awesome president at one point or another but Sanders can too but if they aren't taking into consideration whats happening in America right now. Basically, What kind of a person does America need right now?

Moral Of The Story.

Don't judge a book by its cover and think with your brain instead of letting the internet take it over with all of the Trump bashing. He is such a low life? Show everyone your better than him by being above that. Not letting others influence your opinion because when you vote your opinion is the one that matters the most. The memes of him don't matter, the jokes about him don't matter. What matters is Will he make a good president? If the answer is yes then good for you and if its a no still its okay as long as you make the decision based on your views not Facebook and not the interview.


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