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Foreign Policy Back On The Agenda - As It Should Be....

Updated on December 30, 2011

Foreign Policy Back On The Agenda - As It Should Be…

It is a given that were humans given the choice between bread or bullets that they would choose the former… but because of the world wide economic doldrums, the world has been focusing on putting food on family tables, instead of focusing on the trouble spots dangerously brewing around the world. Those who have read this blog know that I am not a fan of President Obama, but I have always tried to be objective when our Commander-in-Chief deserves accolades… and to be child-like honest, he deserves much in the area for killing terrorist Jihadists. We are about to be in the throes of the Presidential elections circle and bread and butter issues will, no doubt, dominate, but foreign policy should be given a prominent place at the table too.

In North Korea, the 38th Parallel, we now have a twenty-something-year-old manning a nuclear arsenal. Kim Jong Un is the new leader in North Korea and if the proverbial apple did not fall far from the despotic tree… our current President and the next will be paying more attention to the Red Phone. In looking at that sapling in North Korea having the nuclear arsenal at his beckon, dictatorial disposal underscored the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, who thought it prudent to Constitutionally mandate that our Presidents must be at least thirty-five-years-old to have access to the “Football,” as the briefcase with our doomsday codes to our nuclear arsenal is called. Lest we forget that we have over thirty thousands troops serving as a buffer between the two Koreas with only a formal truce on the diplomatic books. I hope that the seasoned generals will prevail on the young Kim Jong Un to keep his nuclear powder dry, akin to how the English elders/Regents at court long go mostly curtailed the exploits of the young monarchs.

Staying in the same geography, we have a run away cancer in dealing with the Chinese; what makes our Sino brothers even more dangerous than the young Kim Jong Un is the fact that the Chinese pretend to be our friends. And the truth is we know of the danger, but we turn a blind eye because they buy and service our debt. It is also an opened secret that the Chinese blatantly steal our Patents and Intellectual Property and that they are forever engaged in Cyber-warfare; in addition, all over the Caribbean and right here in the U.S.A., the Chinese are buying up properties and using our money, gained from unfair trading regimes, to influence venal votes in the kleptocratic United Nations - try getting any sanctions with tetanus bites against the loons in Iran.

Indeed, the economy more than likely, will take center stage during the Presidential elections and it should, but the world is still a dangerous place. I have not even addressed the Middle East situation, whereby rank hatred for the Jews will no longer be emanating from dictators egging on their bereft masses, but from fledgling hateful Theo/Democratic movements, made up of those same masses, now freely spewing genocidal vitriol. Perhaps, these hot spots are not cases of geo-policies first impressions because the breadcrumbs are visible for President Obama or the new President to see and follow, but one could say that such breadcrumbs clues are akin to having an opened-book-exam, which we all know can be just as challenging.


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