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Foreign personal in unstable areas

Updated on April 25, 2014

Do they need more help.. or some real action?


Safety first?

With the recent bombings of the American embassies in Turkey and Libya the USA and the United Nations have began talks on the safety of foreign personal and institutions in countries such as Libya or Syria. Many ideas have been presented such as the relocation of all embassies in not-stable countries into “Green Zones” to hinder attacks or protest on their territories or increasing the number of personal and the improvement of defense systems. The problems with such suggestions are that they are costly, difficult to implement or then are against the sovereignty of the nation in question. Also, what about mobile personal such as NGO’s or Peacekeeping forces?


The USA have put pressure on the Libyan government to solve the issues in their country by put on hold all aid, which at this moment has reached 200$ million. This has forced the Libyan government to increase security personal guarding embassies and to seriously consider the idea of a temporary “Green Zone”. However this has not pleased the USA government, as American aid is still on hold.

In Syria

In Syria, where at this moment many NGO’s and United Nation’s institutions have been blocked either by the Assad regime or by veto’s from China and Russia in the United Nations Security Council, protection of foreign “non-aggression policy” personal is vital as there have been reports of volunteers being detained, captured and tortured. Although this might be seen as a reason to stop all international aid in Syria, this should not occur, as it would doom the Syrian civilian to death and destruction. This still remains an important issue being discussed by the UN.

The Final Problem

The final problem with the possible solutions of these issues is the definition of a “non-stable” or “problematic” nation. Syria, Sudan and South Sudan can be easily classified as “non-stable”. But what about Somalia and Libya? Both nations are already on the path of restoration and development. Should volunteers and foreign officials be given protection or just be left in the hope than no stray missile, mortar or grenade will hit them?

The United Nations are desperate to solve this issue as it effects the whole international community and every nation individually. People and institutionswhich are trying to help the development of a nation or are helping in crisis situations cannot be left in the hands of fate and must be adequately protected.


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