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Forget Hitler These Are the Five Most Evil Men to Ever Live

Updated on January 10, 2018

A True Climate Change Hero.


5. Genghis Khan.

The problem with most people is that they are talkers but not doers, this however does not apply to Genghis Khan because he didn`t just talk about climate change he actually did something about it. When he led Mongolian hordes all across Asia and killed over 40 million people he effectively brought down the amount carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere hence resulting in cooler temperatures.

Genghis Khan also known as Temujin was born in the twelfth century and after his family lost their ancestral power he and his brothers had to live a life of abject poverty surviving on wild fruits. It was during these formative years that Genghis Khan swore he would bring the entire world under his feet.

Genghis rose from his meager beginnings to unite the Mongol clans and spread terror across all of Asia. His armies slaughtered entire cities and towns sparing no men, women or children. Other than killing he also enjoyed raping as many women as he could which is why 1 in 200 people alive have his DNA in their blood.

Evil Incarnate.


4. Attila The Hun

Nicknamed the scourge of God, Attila The Hun was born to a wealthy family north of the Danube. He got to the top of the Hun power structure by murdering anyone who got in his way be it court officials or his own brother.

As leader of the Huns Attila was not too interested in actually governing foreign territories, his objective was simply to burn, loot, rape and pillage as many people as possible. His penchant for cruelty was so renowned that even the mighty Roman empire lived in terror of his hordes and paid an annual tribute of 700 pounds in gold to prevent him from attacking their citizens. Attila's forces were largely mounted and were composed of archers and spear men who would attack with such speed and ferocity that many European armies used to fight in conventional military formation simply could`t adapt to his tactics.

The Ignored Genocide.


3. King Leopold II

The murder of fifteen million people in Belgian Congo is a fact that goes nearly unrecognized in the books of history. King Leopold became one of the richest men in the world by exploiting the natural resources of the so-called Congo Free State and enslaving it`s entire population to work in his `private country`.

The main source of Revenue for Leopold was the growing and export of Rubber which required vast tracts of fertile land and manual labor. Villages that refused to give up their land or provide labor were massacred and as a warning to other potential decedents Belgian soldiers hacked of the hands of many colonials. Famines broke out in many parts of the country because there weren`t enough people growing actual food crops, the result was a tremendous decline in the population of the colony.

"The death of one man is a tragedy but the death of a million is a statistic"

— Stalin Quote.

Stalin`s Reign of Terror.

2. Stalin.

It`s not really clear just how many people Stalin killed because some historians say 20 million while others say it was closer to 25 million, but as Stalin noted when you are talking about the deaths of millions then it becomes a matter of arbitrary statistics and it doesn`t really matter if he killed 20 or 25 million people.

Stalin was actually born in Georgia not Russia but he moved to Russia and became a Marxist revolutionary. In order to finance Lenin`s activities he engaged in extortion, robbery and kidnappings which allowed them to mobilize many young people to their cause.

As leader of the Soviet Union Stalin purged and starved millions of his own people and he dealt with political decedents by sending them to forced labor camps where they were literally worked to death. He eliminated all his political adversaries in the communist party and military officer corps so that he could inspire absolute fear and loyalty in his men.

This was a man so cruel that even his own wife preferred to commit suicide rather than live a life with him. Even Lenin himself seemed to have realized the terrible mistake he had made by appointing Stalin as his successor, as he lay rotting away on his death bed Lenin declared that Stalin was far too vicious. The only reason Stalin doesn`t take the top spot for the most evil man to live is that he loses out in terms of creativity of death when compared to no.1

This Was how You Enjoyed a Meal Back Then.


1. Vlad The Impaler.

The legend of Dracula arose because of the atrocities committed by the man who ruled 15th century Wallachia. His favorite pastime was having his subjects and enemies impaled upon stakes. The process of impalement involves the use of a blunt stake driven through one`s bottom and out through the mouth. Now contrary to expectations death did not occur instantaneously but actually took several hours or even days.

Vlad`s kingdom lay in close proximity to the Ottoman empire which meant that he was expected to pay tribute to the Sultan. When Mehmed II demanded that Vlad come pay homage to him, Vlad responded by executing the Sultan`s diplomats and proceeded to launch an invasion of the Ottoman empire. He slaughtered over twenty thousand people in his campaign along the Danube and put entire villages to the torch. When Mehmed II learned of this treason he raised a grand army of 150,000 soldiers to go after Vlad but what the Ottomans didn`t know at the time is that their enemy was preparing a surprise for them. When the Sultan reached the town of Targoviste he found a literal forest of more than twenty thousand impaled people most of whom were already dead. The army horrified at the grotesque site turned around and retreated.

Who do you think is the most evil man in history?

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    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 6 weeks ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Vlad did a terrific job of protecting his people from barbaric invaders. People in that area today become very upset with outsiders moralizing about the ways in which he preserved their great culture.

      Where's Mao? Communists are always the most evil of persons.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 6 weeks ago from Arizona

      You forget that Vlad Tepes would eat within the "forest' of impaled people as shown in you wood cutting.