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Form Letter for Denouncing Hate Groups Who Hijack your Race or Religion

Updated on July 20, 2016

Just Copy And Paste

While this form letter only includes references for Westboro Baptist Church, Black Lives Matter, and ISIS, feel free to add your own text and use it for any hate group you like!

I hereby denounce (Westboro Baptist Church, Black Lives Matter, ISIS). Although I am (Christian, African-American, Muslim), you DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME! How dare you use my (RACE/RELIGION) to spread HATE! You do a disservice to the cause you say you care about. Any real (Christian, African American, Muslim) would know that using VIOLENCE and HATE is not a part of our (Religion/Race). You do not speak for me. If you truly care about (Christianity, Islam, Black People) you would spread a message of love and peace and denounce everything you are doing. (God/Allah) forgives, you are committing terrorism, and if you attack (Christians, people, whites, cops, non-muslims, ANYONE), I support ANYONE and ANY USE OF FORCE to stop you.


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