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Former High School Student Shares Personal Story: I was Sexually Assaulted by a High School Teacher

Updated on October 13, 2017

I bring this information to the general public, especially the Houston, Texas community, concerning a former high school teacher of the Pasadena Independent School District (PISD) that was not taken to court and is not monitored by the law. After attempting to pursue charges against the former high school teacher, no further action could be made after the district attorney declined the request to proceed with charges. My reason of providing this information to everyone is to bring awareness of this individual and use my personal story to advocate for safety precautions both in school and at home. This person is not in the Texas Registry of Sex Offenders, but could still pose a major threat to any person that can come close to this individual. As I provide this information, I would like to keep my identity as well as other identities anonymous. Also, I do not mean to persecute PISD’s name by sharing my personal story. I am able to provide the former high school teacher’s name due to the public information request I submitted to the Texas Educators Agency (TEA). The TEA was able to provide me with the following public document, which is attached in this article, indicating that the educator, Lyndon Wang, has signed and agreed to voluntarily surrender his Texas Educator Certificate “to avoid the uncertainty and expense of litigation in this matter” after he was reported for violating “student teacher boundaries regarding inappropriate conduct with a student.” In addition to this document, I also have provided the text message conversation I had with this individual on January 1st, 2017, before I reported him to my former high school.

Public Information Document

The Beginning

My story begins as follows: Two years ago I was a high school senior from PISD. I was a member of the high school orchestra and the organization paired with the school choir to plan a spring trip to Orlando, Florida. The trip took place in April 2015 with approximately 40-50 students attending the trip. During the first night at the hotel, a group of students and staff members were swimming in the hotel’s swimming pool. I was in the hot tub with a few other students and the high school orchestra teacher decided to join the group and sat next to me. The teacher then started getting very close to me, to the point where his hand was touching me in my private parts under the water. At that point, I froze in fear and could not move from the shock. After a few minutes, the teacher was distracted by someone else and he stopped. I walked out of the hot tub and started making my way to my room. As I was waiting for the elevator, the individual caught up with me and threatened me by saying I would suffer greater consequences if I spoke out. He kept making the excuse that he had been going through a lot of problems and that I should not say anything regarding to what he did to me and what he was going to do to me.

After that trip to Florida, the sexual actions that the teacher was taking against me progressively got worse. He drove from the high school to my home when my family was not present and threatened to sexually assault my younger sister if I did not open the door to him and did what he said. He touched me again in my private areas over my clothing and made me do the same to him. Other times he would hold me up after school and would do the same thing to me in the orchestra practice rooms. At that point he would also reach under my clothes and force me to give him oral. After about a month later in May 2015, he decided to force me into his car and take me to his home where he had sex with me. The person continued to sexually assault me after school in orchestra practice rooms and the threats continually were aimed towards my loved ones. This individual knew my family due to the school’s affiliation to the nearby middle schools and public events hosted within the PISD schools. As a further concern during this time, his wife knew of his sexual threats towards me yet did not help in preventing him from doing this to me. In other words, even his own wife did not yield to providing consequences of his actions; therefore, he did as he pleased.

Freedom, Fear, and Depression

Upon graduating from high school in June 2015, I felt that I could escape from this individual because I would be attending college far away from my hometown. Throughout this time, I never spoke out about the issue to my family or friends due to fear that this person would hurt my family and others in the process. Also, I did not want to place this heavy burden on anyone else. Upon my first year in college, I felt a sense of security being away from home. Because of these experiences, my mental health suffered and I went into a depression while attending college. When I would return for winter and summer break, I felt in danger just being in my own home. Furthermore, my younger sister had already entered high school and she, too, was a member of the orchestra. Consequently, she had the same orchestra teacher who had sexually assaulted me and I grew more afraid for her. My sister would constantly tell me that the orchestra teacher would ask about me and asked when I would be returning home. The fear continued to increase even as I entered my sophomore year in college.

Speaking Up

Upon returning back home after my first semester of sophomore year in college, I received a text message from this individual on New Year’s night. The person was trying to contact me to find the means and ways of sexually abusing me again. At that instant, I texted a very close friend of mine from college and explained the situation. My close friend was the only one who knew about the incident that occurred in high school and knew of all the struggles I had experienced due to my past. After discussing this with my friend, he pushed the idea to take action and report this to my former high school. Because of his good influence, I mustered the courage to go to my former high school and speak to the principal in person about the high school orchestra teacher. With the help of my friend, I replied to the individual’s text message and attempted to obtain as much information from him as possible to indicate that this individual had sex with me before in the past and was reaching out to obtain that again. In January 2017, I spoke with the high school principal and I provided him with the messages that this person had sent me through my phone. After explaining the full story, the principal said they would remove the orchestra teacher from his position, start an investigation, and I would speak to an officer within the same week.

The Investigation

I met with an officer from the Pasadena ISD Police Department and provided my testimony from the events that occurred back when I attended my last year of high school. During the time I had reported this to the police officers, I was a few days away from returning back to college. After completing the testimony, the officers proceeded to ask if I wanted to pursue criminal charges against the high school teacher. They explained the steps that would need to be taken to proceed with charges which included communicating with this individual again to obtain more evidence, obtain approval from the district attorney, and obtain a court date weeks later from the time the report was filed. I explained that the reason I was not able to proceed with this was because I had to go to school outside of the Houston area and that a court date being set for weeks later would prevent me from attending school. Furthermore, I was not comfortable with the idea of trying to speak to the former high school orchestra teacher anymore as it brought me more pain and distress in doing so.

My Second Attempt

I returned to college for my second semester and I kept in touch with the officer to hear what actions were taken against the individual. I was concerned about him continuing to have his teaching license and that he would try to come near my family. The officer could not provide me with information on his teaching license status nor bring awareness about this teacher’s crude actions. The issue was very frustrating to hear while attending school and attempting to maintain a solid academic performance. Throughout this time, my close friend gave me a lot of support to continue pushing this issue and also maintain a healthy mentality. I was able to complete my second semester of sophomore year and I returned home once again in May 2017. However, there was still fear in my mind. My friend suggested I try again to press charges, especially since I would not be leaving back to school anytime soon. I quickly contacted the officer who had worked with me in January and asked if I could still press charges or if there was anything I could do to move the investigation forward. The officer spoke with me and informed me that after she sent the report I had filed in January 2017 to the district attorney, the request was declined. The response was very frustrating and disappointing to hear, especially knowing that this person is still roaming the community and all of Houston freely without criminal persecution or a community change of status, which I believe should label him as a sex offender for the community’s acknowledgement and safety.

My Goal

In an effort to give people this information and potentially save the lives of others, I bring this story to the public’s attention as a way of learning how important it is to be aware of who educates students at school. For parents, I advocate becoming more involved in your child’s school activities and monitoring their use of technology to communicate in and out of school. For students, I advocate awareness of the people who surround you at school and to speak up if there is something suspicious or uncomfortable between student and educator. A community should not have to live in fear or doubt if younger individuals are safe even on school grounds. I hope that this message urges others to take action and make their environments a better and safer place.

© 2017 MC Tylop


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