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Former President George W Bush's Library & Legacy

Updated on April 25, 2013

Former President Bush was a Fair President in Retrospect

Former President George W. Bush spoke in Dallas, Texas today as the President George W. Bush presidential library was dedicated. President Obama, his wife, Michelle Obama, President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton and his wife and parents were in attendance.

The complex will also feature a museum, the George W. Bush Policy Institute, and the offices of the George W. Bush Foundation.

Almost four years ago, President George W. Bush left the White House and became known as the worst president in history, a title that now belongs to President Obama. However, President Bush made a lasting impact on this country. During his speech, he tlked about lowering taxes for everyone. This is significant because President Obama's presidency is marked by tax increases on the wealthy to create revenue for his federal budget.

The thing that I believe that President Bush accomplished that is noteworthy is creating drones to find and capture terrorists. He captured Saddam Hussein and sadly, most people do not know that President Obama expanded President Bush's drones program to kill Osama bin Laden.

President Obama did not discuss the droens during his speech and I am not surprised. Here is a transcript of President Obama's speech:


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