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Former White Racist Reveals Why Some White People Fear Black People!

Updated on April 22, 2015

Former White Racist Speaks

This hub is mainly a prelude to the video at the end of this hub. It’s a fascinating video and speaks for its self!

It features a white man who says we live in a white supremacist country. He said it’s always been a white supremacist country. He says white people should face their greed and the fact that white people have a fear of losing their white privilege and being on top of the pecking order.

He said he used to be a racist but not anymore. He says our system is designed to keep black people in the inferior position. He asks “what is it that keep so many white people, from wanting to change their hearts, in regards to race and see reality and come out of denial”.

He really lays it on the line. He tells it like it was and is! He says white people don’t want to lose power, dominance, privileges and the benefits that the system of white supremacy affords them.

Sared of black vengeance

He says that white people are scared of black vengeance, for all the years of mistreatment, blacks have suffered at the hands of whites. He thinks white people are afraid that, if blacks gain power, they will take their “pound of flesh” off of white people.

He continues, saying, whites have a lot of fear about black people, and if they see a black man walking down the street, they locked their doors! White women clutch their purses!

He says, even white police officers are scared! That’s why the shoot unarmed black men. They’re scared of black retribution!

He reiterates that whites are scared! So what do they do? Lock black men up! Throw em in jail, He says that’s why we have the largest prison population of black folks in the world!

He's Right!

And he right!

Just checkout this hub I wrote “Blacks Are The Problem” at the link below, that supports that point. And definitely checkout the video below, to see for yourself all of the things. he had to say on the issue of white supremacy, racism, white privilege and fear.

My Hub: “Blacks Are The Problem”

Why Some Whites Are Afraid Of Blacks?

Former KKK Grand Dragon Tells How He Got Involved In The Klan


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