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Forum Wars in the Publics Contact Paradigm

Updated on January 26, 2012
I'll only say it once.
I'll only say it once.

Ongoing Forum War

Followers of exopolitics and ufology are only just catching up with a bizarre series of events that resulted in a 6000 member forum being deliberately discombobulated, split in two, and then nuked into oblivion by its own hosting company. The backstory to this is long and involved; probably more than what anyone would care to read here. It is a story full of social intrigues, a possible British Intelligence Community involvement acting on the behalf of anti-disclosure factions, digruntled and militaristic banned members, and claims of heavy handed responses to perpetual forum disruptions and defacement. All things of which the hosting company is patently unaware of. But this is just a nutcase subject stylized for avid nutcases, right?

Is this your first encounter with Alice's rabbit-hole?

It is the sort of story that authors would have a field day with if they wished to dig into both public and private rabbit-holes for the kernals of truth and those truths relation to mankind's state of health. It is this particular author's observation that sometimes ugly realities about how we neglect our own state of being is sometimes best served by the theoretically demented. But I'll leave that for you to judge.

Due to the end results of actions within this Conflict Paradigm over Extraterrestrial Contact and all the various aspects of it with regards to an anti-disclosure policy by the general management of the planet, Compass Morainn as a neighboring forum within the same community has decided that a public statement on this behavior is necessary.

That public statement includes the following:

You should know that unlike other forums which have fallen victim in this under the table virtual knife war, that Compass Morainn will not remain idle were it to be so engaged. An offensive plan and a defensive plan stands ready to be applied and there would be no mercy in its actions across the Internet on the perps and their affiliates.

See more in appropriate context here: source

Additional materials on the matter: here, here, here, here, and here. Oh and before I forget one more important detail: a funny little place called Durbin South Africa.




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  • RighterOne profile image

    RighterOne 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    Good points. How are we ever going to make contact when even the 'awakened' are fighting amongst themselves? Perhaps it is time to not only awaken the masses but also prune our own ranks of the selfish and egotistical.

  • Cyrellys profile image

    Cyrellys 6 years ago from Montana

    Hi RighterOne! Thank you very much for your reading my work and offering your thoughts on it. I very much appreciate your evaluations. To answer your question, yes I have been a member of both forums that were destroyed, among other forums in the ufology, exopolitics, and liberty movement communities. I also maintain a forum for Compass Morainn which is focused on mediation and facilitation for the purpose of enabling communication between different groups which is a precurser to a world coordinating a comprehensive preparation for unambiguous contact. Unfortunately there is a great deal of infighting which is in progress across the board because of bouts of egotistical behavior and policy induced treatment of efforts toward networking and communication. When people lose their reputations, access to networks, group infighting escalates, and pensions are destroyed, whole life histories wiped from both tangible and digital existence, and now whole knowledge caches are nuked; well it more than complicates matters. But such is the case of wars throughout history. And when it becomes a full blown war...the only ones who actually win are those who sell to both sides and profiteer on the ashes of the mutual combatants. We quickly forget the enemy of mine enemy is my friend and we in the paradigm have more in common than than we do differences.

  • RighterOne profile image

    RighterOne 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    P.S. Was going to mention this, but completely forgot - Nice artwork selection! The picture was what drew me in. The other Hubs, too.

    Cheers! =)

  • RighterOne profile image

    RighterOne 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    Interesting... Did you happen to be a member of said forum? Just curious. Much better organization and structure, btw!

  • Cyrellys profile image

    Cyrellys 6 years ago from Montana

    Dual Member reports witnessing additional viral attack just prior to demise of second forum: OMF2


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