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Forum, What Good Is It?

Updated on July 1, 2018

Politicians and their minions in the Forum - same result


I put this article in the Politics and Social Issue because, this article is about the forums that are in the Politics category. And it is the social issue that occurs when discussing politics. There is gridlock in congress because of the differences in the democrat and republican party. There is also gridlock in the political forums for the same reason.

Politics and Social Issues

When Hp was created, it was all about writing hubs, these are articles that cover many categories. Hp also had a questions arena, and a forum. I did a lot of questions for the same reason that many others did it. It was fast and easy, and you made your point in a few words or paragraphs. Of course if you at the HP guide, the questions were there to inspire people to write articles to fully develop the topic broached by the questions. Then the forum arena was like an expanded questions arena. The difference is that your comments were threaded, and they were allowed more characters to better develop the conversation.

Both of these arenas had their use, but over time since their creation they lost their original reason for being. In the last two years, there has been a marked drop in the activities of Hp. Recently, this drop in activity caused Hp to get rid of the questions arena. They wound up over a several month period of throttling down the questions, and then finally pouring them into the Forums.

The questions arena had also become overrun by guests that used it much like Hp questions were a Wall and to be used for their Graffiti. They used it for their inane advertisements, they used it to post meaningless questions.

When the article talks about questions, and forums here, it is referring to the Political and Social Category. This category along with the Religion Category are the most popular and the most active categories.


Forum's What Good Are They on Hp. To compare it with the phrase, WAR what good is it, the answer is the same, NO GOOD at all.

Politics and Social Issues

Hp has a combined Political and Social Issue Category that is further broken down into more specifics.

The questions arena is gone, as I previously mentioned. It now resides in the more protected Forum arena. This prevents guests from having the opportunity to get in and use their Graffiti.

The Forums, at least in the Political Social and Religious categories have their own inherent form of Graffiti. It is the social issue of trying to discuss US politics.

A political topic Forum will start off with a statement that may or may not be formed as a question. Then it is responded to by like minded people or is may also contain those opposed to the position by the person who created the particular political forum.

Remember, that the original Hp goal was writing articles or as they call them HUBS. But in the last two years the writing of these HUBs has dropped dramatically, as it is just to easy to do it with a question, when it was available, and now the combined question Forum posting.

Over the last two years, the Hp HUBS have also followed the decline in activity and the old hubbers have come and gone.

It seems that the entire Hp activity has been in decline for at least two years. In the Politics category, the last ten years has been a political bonanza for stirring up the hubbers. A comparison to how a city in the US that has two baseball teams and the US having a president and the president that preceded it can give the same emotional passion for those supporting their team or president.

The difference however is that a sports team doesn't control the country, and who wins or loses makes no difference to the country. While the president of the United States, and their congress has a direct impact on our country and the lives and well being of those in the country.

Forums, and from this point on, refers to Political Forums can be hazardous to your health, while reflecting the health of the country.

What we have seen in the last two years on Hp is a ramping up of emotion, and hate at the expense of having any meaningful dialogue about the US politics.

The number of new articles has drastically been dropping during that time, as well as the number of new Forum posts. The numbers of long time hubbers has also dropped off, as they either left Hp or no longer want to post in the Forum.

Getting involved in a Forum today is like UFC without any rules at all. While it was really bad during the president Obama versus the GW Bush politics, it is no comparison to the Hillary Clinton Barack Obama versus Donald Trump.

The two are in fact different because the former was the difference between two presidents of different parties. They both had a history, and political discussions could always find a reference in history to see how they compared. Both the presidents and the congresses.

Today, the discussion is about a Two Time failed presidential candidate, and the winner of the 2016 presidential election. This time there is more than a political divide between the sides. Today, there is a division that hasn't existed since before the Civil War.

As an aside, this brings the sniper used in the wars, the real wars. A sniper could take out an opponent without following any rules. They would just hide and wait and then take their shot. Usually, their opponent was dead, game over.

In the Forum, the sniper exists as a poster. The difference is that these snipers are not capable of a kill shot, where words replace bullets. Then both sides try to take out their target by any means possible. What they do would make two drunken, and physically handicapped street fighters look like more capable and expert than these posters.

Some of this street fighting with words can also be found in hubs, but there are so few hubs compared to the Forum.

The course of many of these Forum start out with an intended position, on a specific topic. But as the responses start to flow, the players get into their stiff stance of trying to finish off their opponent, the Forum becomes sloppy and usually deviates away from the topic. They become emotional, and responses become personal and sometimes after hundreds of them, both side are still standing.

In those hundreds of responses, only the first several were on target. The rest were the equivalent of haymakers, and shouting names.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Orange County California


      I hadn't thought about that aspect, but now that I hear it. It works!

      Ice Cream, my treat

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 months ago

      Personally, I think the forums are bad for the health!


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